Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Voice 9: Live Playoffs #TeamPharrell

#TeamPharrell is pretty stacked up no? Sure, some of them performed below expectations, but I know what these people can do and at this point, I want most of them into the live shows. Can we just have one or two from #TeamBlake and have four or five from #TeamPharrell? Pretty please?

Oh, and the song choices were a lot better this time than yesterday. Thank God!

On with the show!

06. Mark Hood
What Do You Mean?
He started out fine with a good amount of restraint, and then, he decided that it would be best to just go with it and spew random runs and make it totally uncomfortable to watch. I seriously didn't mind the song choice - it was a good strategy to show that he's current - but the execution was lacking from the vocal control to pitch. How I wish he stayed in the piano instead. 5

05. Darius Scott
Love Lockdown
Much like Mark Hood, the performance went downhill as soon as he started working the stage compromising control over his vocals. Things got sloppy and horrible towards the end. It was unfortunate as I felt like he was one of the few people that got a pretty good arrangement for his song. 6

04. Celeste Betton*
Something In The Water
The tempo started a tad too fast for her - she had a hard time keeping up with the band - but as soon as she recovered, the performance sounded really good. The sheer power of her vocals was front and center that despite the loudness of the band, she was never overpowered. I would've liked a more stripped down version of the song though. 7

03. Riley Biederer
Should've Been Us
This was a tough song to sing, but Riley managed to pull it off really well. I found her sound to be current with a pretty impressive range and her delivery had the right mix of sass and quiet confidence. The first few lines were particularly fantastic. 7.5

02. Evan McKeel
I have never been a fan of Evan and any of his previous performances - his blind audition was good though - and this somehow made me reconsider my stance on him. Sure, the song choice was a little safe and lazy, but his vocals, for the most part, sounded really good. There were a couple of well-placed runs and some fantastic vocal dynamics. 8

01. Madi Davis
Gorgeous vocals. Exquisite phrasing. Awesome delivery. This was her shining moment. 9

Madi Davis
Evan McKeel
Celeste Betton


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