Tuesday, November 10, 2015

X Factor Australia 7: Top 5

After weeks of great performances, tonight was a bit of a let down. I don't know. One did pretty spectacular, but the rest ranged from good to awful - and we're already at this stage of the competition. To be honest, I'm terrified as to who will be eliminated in the next coming weeks until the Finale. Are we in for a predictable finish or a shocking one?

On with the show!

05. Big T
All Of Me
HOT MESS. That is all. 3

04. Mahalia Simpson
I Try
On paper, I Try should've worked wonders for Mahalia - and in parts, it actually did - but somewhere along the way, it felt like she just gave up and phoned the performance in. The last part was a mess and her lazy diction and delivery was evident. 6

03. Cyrus Villanueva
Love Me Like You Do
Why was I strangely underwhelmed with this number? Maybe I was used to Cyrus taking risks with his arrangements that this just didn't excite me. Look, there's clearly nothing wrong with his performance - in fact, I found his vocals to be a lot grounded and consistent than usual - but it just fell short of his usual caliber. To me, this would've worked better had he stripped the arrangement down a little more and just played it with his piano. 7

02. Jess & Matt
You're The One That I Want
Interesting offbeat arrangement of the classic song. Quite frankly, I was expecting something acoustic - the mid-tempo synth beat caught me off guard - but Jess & Matt pulled it off quite nicely. The harmonies were tight, their solos sounded strong, and while arguably polarizing, this was a pretty solid effort. 8.5

01. Louise Adams
I Put A Spell On You
Entrancing! Not going to lie, I kind of groaned with the song choice - it's been covered a million times already - but Louise managed to infuse some much needed freshness to the song. The arrangement was particularly dynamic and her vocals just brought it to another level. That texture to her voice sounded sublime with the number. 9

Big T
Mahalia Simpson


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