Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Idol 9: Siobhan Magnus Visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Siobhan Magnus made her first stop on her whirlwind post-Idol media tour on the Ellen Degeneres Show, airing today. And after a little chat with Ellen, she performs House Of The Rising Sun.

I thought Siobhan sounded super fantastic. I wish she performed all her songs at this level. Siobhan, to me, has a natural gift but it really has not been developed or she has not learned how to properly control it or use it at it best but I think she has tremendous potential. The basics are there - the voice, the looks and the quirky personality. Heck, she is like the modern day Cyndi Lauper. Haha. Someone who beats to the sound of their own unique drum. Anyway, I wish her all the best!

Video after the jump!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, just saw her on Ellen. She was superb. She's just oozing with raw talent.

damthenation said...

i agree

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