Saturday, December 27, 2014

Movie Review: English Only, Please

Romantic comedies are, by nature, formulaic predictable fluff, and English Only, Please is no exception. This will never go down as a cinematic gold especially with its trite storyline, but for what it's worth, the film was cute and delightful. So, despite it's cheesiness and inevitable predictability, this film was all about the chemistry of Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay. I mean, you really have to be incredibly dense and daft not to know how a romantic comedy is going to end, so one should hope the pleasure of the film is going to be the journey the lead actors take the audiences on and yes, the movie somehow succeeded on that. I found most of the characters to be charmingly entertaining, and while I cringed at some of Derek Ramsay's attempt to sound like he's just about to learn Filipino, it was something forgivable. English Only, Please was a typical romantic comedy. But every once in a while, it's good to see a movie that's simply pleasant to watch. It was formulaic, simplistic, and flawed, but it wasn't a complete waste of time. 6.5


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