Sunday, December 7, 2014

X Factor UK 11: Top 4

This was a bit disappointing episode with mediocre performances - well, until one exploded with possibly one of the best performances this season. That's right. There's still hope this season! Haha. Can't wait for this to finish.

On with the show!!


04. Lauren Platt
Stay Another Day
Was she singing on the wrong key? She sounded sharp for the most part.

03. Ben Haenow
Please Come Home For Christmas
So, Ben got the choir! Haha. This was decent, if a bit boring.

02. Fleur East
All I Want For Christmas
She's no Mariah Carey, but she did the best she could do with the song.

01.Andrea Faustini
O Holy Night
Good vocals with great dynamics, but him pulling those ugly faces has to stop.


04. Lauren Platt
Story Of My Life
Lauren shines when the track is rearranged to fit her range, and this was totally NOT that. Haha.

03. Ben Haenow
I've heard better versions. This one was fine.

02. Andrea Faustini
Wrecking Ball
That stage design looked dangerous no? Oh, Andrea performed nice. Haha.

01. Fleur East
Uptown Funk
OMFG! That happened. End of story! 


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