Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Voice 7: Top 8


This episode had all the elements necessary to be an awful night. I mean, I don't understand why everyone sucked the energy out of everyone who's watching - it's a TV show, not a sleeping aid - but I can't deny the fact that some people stepped up their game - except for the coaches who were totally useless cheerleaders that's beyond laughable, it's not even funny.

Oh, and three will be eliminated tomorrow! It's about time. Ha.

On with the show!

08. Ryan Sill
Open Arms
I'm a glutton for punishment, and listening to Ryan's version of Open Arms was one hell of a torture. Ha. 3

07. DaNica Shirey
These Dreams
I'm NEVER going to believe that she is just 25 years old, but that's a totally different topic, so I'll move on. Haha. DaNica started her performance really well. The modulation of her voice sounded lovely on the verses, and she kept her runs to a minimum, which was a welcome change. Then suddenly,l she decided to shout the song, defied all music theory and messed up in an entirely new way. I don't know. Things just progressively got worse as it went on. 3

06. Luke Wade
Holding Back The Years
No, Luke Wade! Don't make the audience sing with you. That's your job! Geez. He really needed a breakout moment to last another week, but this was not it. On paper, Holding Back The Years should've worked, but somehow the whole performance turned out flat. There was no passion to the vocal and it just went nowhere. Such a shame. 4

05. Craig Wayne Boyd
Take It Easy
After two fantastic performances from previous weeks, this seemed like a step backwards for Craig. Don't get me wrong. This was still pretty good and the charisma and presence was still there, but this came off like a lazy, throwaway performance. The whole thing was just completely uneventful that I was tempted to take a nap. 6

04. Damien
Someone Like You
Hands down, one of his best performances on the show. No, it wasn't perfect - in fact, I loathe his phrasing and there was too much vibrato for my taste - but parts of it were really lovely. I thought he sang it well with a good amount of dynamics. 6.5

03. Chris Jamison
Sexual Tension
There was just a complete disconnect between the song and Chris' demeanor. Sure, his vocals were on point and I'm pretty impressed with how skilled he was at using his falsetto at the right moment, but the song needed a lot more swagger to pull this off entirely. He sort of did, but not quite. 7

02. Taylor John Williams
Strangely cool. I winced at the idea of doing something different with this Lorde ditty, but the arrangement worked like a gem. His layered vocals created a great deal of dimension to his performance and there's confidence and character to it that's incredibly compelling. This was seriously good. 8.5

01. Matt McAndrew
The Blower's Daughter
Cue the cello.. This was amazing! While I wasn't entirely a fan of his weak falsetto, everything else was just sublime. The staging was lovely, his vocals were on point, there's an interesting amount of dynamics, and it was well done. 8.5

Ryan Sill
DaNica Shirey
Luke Wade


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