Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Voice 7: Wildcard Performances

Not a fan of a Wildcard Show - especially this late in the season - but I digress. The performances ranged from decent to pathetic and I actually felt most of them didn't really care. Was I the only one who noticed that?

One thing's for sure. Team Pharrell was the strongest and that's without the guidance of their coach. Says a lot about, well, Pharrell no? Haha.

On with this atrocious proceeding!

09. Ryan Sill
Marry Me
I seriously have no words. 2

08. Taylor John Williams
Wicked Game
He sounded decent, until that falsetto ruined everything. What happened? 2.5

07. Jessie Pitts
Eh. 2.5

06. Reagan James
Put Your Records On
I was hoping Reagan saved a lot of breath with her two weeks off, but this just wasn't any better. Lazy song choice and she looked uninterested no? 3.5

05. DaNica Shirey
Without You
Why was she so busy auditioning her voice for Cirque du Soleil Acrobatics with all those runs? 4

04. Damien
Choppy. Lounge-y. 4

03. Anita Antoinette
Waiting On The World To Change
The song choice was a bit indulgent, but the scatting was a nice if a bit unnecessary touch. 4.5

02. Luke Wade
Have  A Little Faith In Me
While I would've picked another song for Luke, this was a decent effort. At very least, better than most. 6

01. Sugar Joans
Back To Black
As much as I hate myself from typing this, Sugar was probably the best. This was a shockingly controlled vocal performance. 7

Taylor John Williams
(Just because I know he has a huge fanbase)


Anonymous said...

I have not watched a single ep of this season as they never seems to be a break, I have just been following your post and it seems like I have not missed anything special at all. I guess I'll just stick to xfactor and the sing off.

Anonymous said...

Your over usage of "i digress" on this blog is giving me cancer.

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