Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Voice 7: Top 5

This was an odd episode. For the most part, I thought I enjoyed it, but there were moments when I wanted to just throw something at the screen out of frustration - mostly from the utter uselessness of the coaches and some of the song choices. But then again, there's the ultimate rise of a serious dark horse, which I will not mention Chris Jamison's name. Ha. It was interesting to see how he fought hard and see the others took step backwards from last week. I just hope America gets it right.

On with the show!

10. Taylor John Williams
Falling Slowly
Yikes. Was Taylor on a different key throughout the entire song? This was a weak, incredibly choppy, and a messy rendition of the song. Oh, and that falsetto was seriously rough. 2

09. Taylor John Williams
Blank Space
After Falling Slowly failed, I was optimistic that he had it in him to gorgeously re-arrange Blank Space - just like his dark take on Royals last week - and breathe new life to the Taylor Swift hit. But, alas, he was just as disappointing. His pitch was all over the place, the arrangement didn't go anywhere, he dropped some of his words, he looked uncomfortable on stage, and it was just hard to watch. 2.5

08.Craig Wayne Boyd
Working Man's Blues
While Craig had enough charisma to pull this off, the whole performance just kind of left me feeling flat. Sure, he sounded good for the most part, but it was too average, safe and easy - pretty much defines this season no? - that did nothing for his case to be the rightful winner of the season. Plus, it was too honky tonk for my taste. 4

07. Damien
I Don't Want To Wait
Color me suprised when Damien actually picked a song that has a driving beat and not just some old fashioned ballad. So yes, it's a nice surprising departure from the usual, and while this wasn't particularly good with a couple of botched notes here and there, it was, at the very least, interesting. One question though, why was he still looking like he's on the verge of tears during this performance? Ha. 5

06. Craig Wayne Boyd
The Old Rugged Cross
I'm absolutely sure that this is a song that will appeal to a good number of conservatives, and really religious demographic of the show, but pulling this card can be VERY polarizing. I myself didn't respond to it positively, but it's not only because of the song, but the fact that it sounded to be out of his range. He stretched his vocals too much that it already seemed forced and uncomfortable. I don't know. I know he'd sail through with this, so what do I know. 6

05. Matt McAndrew
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Why pick such a cliche U2 song? Matt's version wasn't terrible, but it was nothing particularly special. It actually even sounded a bit karaoke in parts. I honestly don't think this did him any favors whatsoever. 7

04. Damien
She's Out Of My Life
I haven't been impressed with Damien's body of work throughout the season - his performances are sounding exactly the same every week - but this was actually quite good. There's restraint to his delivery with just the right amount of vibrato and runs, and I liked that he just stuck to the melody, added little vocal flourishes here and there, and kept it simple. It was pretty. 7.5

03. Chris Jamison
Is it too late for Maroon 5 to change their single? I mean, Adam was thoroughly outclassed on his own song by Chris! His vocals were rock solid, his stage presence improved vastly, he handled the tricky melody and transitions impressively well, and yes, he's possibly the show's best bet to have a successful career after this season. Just fantastic. 8.5

02. Matt McAndrew
Make It Rain
Just like Matt's version of Take Me To Church, his take on this Ed Sheeran ditty had more edge to it, and it worked well to his advantage. His vocals were on point, there's an emotional connection to the song that's palpable, his vocal dynamics was fabulous, and this made him a mortal lock for the Finale. 8.5 

01. Chris Jamison
When I Was Your Man
BEST. PERFORMANCE. OF. THE. SEASON. Thank you very much. 9

Taylor John Williams


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