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Glee Season 2: Furt Episode Review

Season 2, Episode 8

Absolutely one of the strongest episodes of the season. Seriously. I have never been so happy watching Glee since Season 1 Finale and I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time. I say, when Glee is good, it’s really, really good. It's like the good old days of Glee - think Preggers episode. Ha!

Now, one thing I love about Glee is that I always feel happier and uplifted at the end of every episode. This week, however, I just didn't feel that. I'm not complaining though because I genuinely like how this show has the ability to make me cry and laugh at the same time. Crazy no?


- Sue showed so much maturity by standing up for Kurt and even quitting her position as principal because she couldn't support the school board's handling of the Kurt-Karofsky situation. But yes, she PROMISED Kurt that she would watch out for him and have his back. Very admirable. Honestly, it's like Sue Sylvester as principal was one of the best things that happened in McKinley High. Didn't expect that.

- The Glee club actually sticking up for Kurt was fantastic! Really. I loved that they rallied. The scene with the girls trying to set it in motion was great and the boys rising up to Karofsky was really something else. Heck, Mike Chang actually was a presence in that scene. I actually also felt Puck's frustration at not being able to get involved in that "fight".

- The Sam-Quinn scene was adorable. They are a cute couple and they sing well together. Plus, their chemistry is just insanely palpable. I loved Sam's speech and promises to her. It seriously just made me melt to a pile of goo. Haha.

- Two weeks ago, with Never Been Kissed episode, I felt really frustrated with the whole bullying theme for some weird reason. However, this week, it didn't really bother me AT ALL. Maybe because it was a little more realistically handled compared to the episode I mentioned.

- The speeches of both Carol and Burt turned me into an emotional wreck. Somehow, I like that they gave light on the loss of the deceased parents of both Finn and Kurt and how Carol and Burt brought the other one out of that long period of mourning. I loved that they acknowledge themselves as one family. It was a beautiful moment, to say the very least.

- Kurt transferring to the magical fairytale school full of puppies, rainbows and everything nice was a good way to put depth to the main storyline. It really broke my heart to see him walk away from everyone. Mercedes' face was devastated along with Finn, and I thought that scene was really well done. Heartbreaking.

- Across the board, the acting in this episode was superb! I like Rachel in this episode.


- As much as I love Carol Burnett, the whole Sue storyline kind of ruined it for me. It wasn't funny and the idea itself was ridiculous, even for Sue. I actually thought this sub-plot was unnecessary. I mean, there was enough amazing Sue moments and lines as a principal dealing with the bullying situation, and adding her "wedding" was just plain dumb. It felt like a forced story line and it was almost like they were trying too hard to fit all these guest stars in.

- Finn's speech, though touching, felt a little odd. Suddenly, it was, again, all about Kurt and not about Carol and Burt? I didn't get that.

-This is not entirely a bad thing, but I do hope they ease up on the Kurt storylines. I mean, they just have to give the other supporting actors a chance to develop. Seriously.


OHIO was ok. As I've said, Sue and Carol Burnett's storyline was a complete waste of time, so I didn't actually care for this musical number that much. It was ok - the episode could survive without it.

MARRY YOU. Yes, they copied the infamous YouTube "Forever Wedding" scene - just like The Office - but this performance was beyond incredible as well. I mean, I loved that everyone got to shine in this number. I enjoyed every bit of it - from Finn and Rachel, to the cuteness that was Sam and Quinn, and yes, even to Brittany and Artie even though I don't like them as a couple. But of course, Carol and Burt dancing was absolutely adorable.

SWAY was good. It was nice that it didn't focus much on Will Schuester singing. It was a special moment for the newlyweds. It was cute. That is all. Ha!

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. This was a very touching musical performance, but somehow it didn't make sense. Haha. That's a song Finn would sing to Rachel or even maybe Carole - which he did - but Kurt? They could have done another song. I thought the idea was cute and all, just not the appropriate song.

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Robbie said...

This is easily one of my favorite episodes of Season 2. It has a lot of heart. I actually don't mind that they are putting a lot of Kurt this Season cause I think the message is VERY important. But yes, I do hope they also put some meaning into Tina and Mercedes.

The last scene was very heartbreaking pati na yung vows nila Burt and Carol. AND I MST ADD: ANG CUTE NUNG PRIEST!!!!! Siya ang una kong napansin nung wedding! Wahahaha.

Magaling yung acting. Medyo stupid lang yung storyline ni Sue. Pero I think it's connected in a way that she is being bullied by her mother eh. That's why she mentioned to Kurt that bullies were people who used to get bullied around. So I kinda got the arc of that. Pero her solo wedding was stupid. Sana ibang means na lang.

I think okay lang na madaming Kurt this Season. Last season kasi ang focus nakina Quinn, Finn, Rachel.

The songs are nice din although I really don't like the songs by grownups. In every episode, kapag si Will ang kumakanta, I just skip it. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I like how the show has bits of consistency every now and then. Remember when the Glee Club stood up against Vocal Adrenaline for Rachel? I'm also OK with the Kurt focus this season (I still don't like Kurt though), although I wish they did the same with Rachel's mother issues last season.

What I don't like this season: the songs. The Singing in the Rain/Umbrella mush up sounds like a brilliant idea on paper, but it was just horrible. Worst Glee song ever. Sway and Make Em Laugh are also very, very unnecessary.

- Chuck

katuray said...

i almost died laughing when i saw sue in her absolutely ridiculously funny blue adidas(?) tracksuit/wedding dress! sue's the best! ;)



Robbie: Ang funny ng mga comments mo. Haha. But yeah, I'm fine with Kurt as the center of this season but sometimes, I already feel na I need a break from all of it all. I don't know.


Chuck: Some of their song selections were really good like Teenage Dream, Forget You and other. But yeah, it's been a hit and miss this season, especially their showtunes selections


Katuray: Haha. Her wedding dress was epic!

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