Thursday, November 4, 2010

Idol 7 - Jennifer Hudson

7. Jennifer Hudson
Season 3, 7th Place

Yes, it's the Dreamgirl herself at #7!!

I didn't become a fan of Jennifer Hudson after her successful album and Grammy nominations. It also wasn't after her movie debut and Oscar win. Heck, it wasn't even after she sang A Circle of Life. Haha. Yes, I've been in love with Jennifer's voice since the first time I saw her. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Like what I've said several times, Season 3 was the very first season of Idol that I watched. I was mildly impressed with the Idol hopefuls throughout the auditions, but as they were wrapping up, Leah La Belle was actually my favorite contestant that time. That was until I got to see the Best of the Rest episode and that was the very first time I laid my eyes on Jennifer. I had a feeling I'd like her - because I love a good, rich black woman's voice - and boy, did she not disappoint. Jennifer's rich timbre sent shivers up and down my spine as she sang Share Your Love With Me. Every single note was just beautiful. By then,  I just knew she would have to make the finals with such a brilliantly soulful gospel voice like that!

Soon enough, I realized that Jennifer wasn't quite the front runner that I had hoped she'd be. Her group one performance though good wasn't that spectacular, but I still thought it was enough for a spot in the Top 12. But to my dismay, she didn't even make the Top 3 - by sheer votes - the following night. And yes, thank God for Randy Jackson for bringing her into the Wild Card round. I figured that there was no way the judges would let such an undeniably unbelievable undiscovered talent go unnoticed. Ha! She got her spot in the Top 12, just like what I expected - but it was, arguably, a bumpy ride.

In my opinion, Jennifer never gave a bad performance. Every single performance I saw from her was very good. Sure, some were better than others, but she did NOT deserve the harsh criticisms she got from Simon Cowell - not by a long shot! Her early Bottom 3 appearances were quite disappointing for me. Had people forgotten that incredible sound that came out of her mouth during her audition? Fortunately, everything was soon about to change!

Elton John Night was such a special night for Jennifer Hudson. It was so amazing to hear a musical legend of John's caliber lavish praises upon her and yes, she absolutely deserve those praises. Jennifer set the bar so high for the competition when she finally brought the house down in the way I knew only she could. Her gospel-tinged Circle of Life was so full of power and richness, that only a deaf person could deny her talent. Oh, and it's one thing to give a showstopper like that, but Jennifer kept on delivering for the remainder of her time on Idol. Without a doubt, she left just when she was about to reach the peak of her potential than anyone on Idol, EVER.

Which brings me to THE most shocking elimination night in Idol history. Seriously. Ryan Seacrest had prefaced the Top 7 results show as a shocker, but it still didn't prepare me for what was to come. It was a no brainer that the three divas - Fantasia Barrino, LaToya London and Jennifer Hudson - were crushing the competition during Season 3. Obviously, they were consistently head and shoulders above the other competitors. So, when they were all placed into a group, it was obvious that they would be safe. But when Ryan announced that they were, in fact, the Bottom 3, my jaw literally dropped. I can still vividly remember that moment. Yes, I know it was just a TV show, but it felt so surreal.

That time, my only prayer was that LaToya London would be sent packing. Then, to my horror, Latoya was told she was safe and it suddenly felt like a kick in the stomach. A total abomination! Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino were supposed to be the Final 2!! It was a serious WTF moment on Idol, but I just knew that Jennifer was doomed, though. I was seriously upset to a point where I wanted to cry - I know! Haha. I asked myself, "what in the world did I just witness?" It was, to say the least, a total travesty.

Now, One thing Jennifer has taught me is that you can't keep a good girl down and yes, she showed that to the world! Five years after her untimely exit on Idol, she's won an Oscar, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Grammy Award - plus over 20 more awards. She's had a number one single. A gold selling debut album. She's even sang at the Super Bowl. Clearly, she's been completely and utterly unstoppable. Jennifer Hudson has shown everyone that she is a world class star. Furthermore, she's proved that she is an amazing strong and determined person on the inside. I mean, back when the news first broke about her family's murders, my heart just ached for her. Her comeback a few months after that completely floored me especially when she sang You Pulled Me Through at the Grammy Awards - that was that time I could not contain myself. I love her and can't wait to see what other successes will come her way!

Favorite performance(s): My absolute favorite performance from Jennifer was definitely Circle Of Life. It was the performance she is most remembered for and with great reasons, of course. She completely blew me away with this one. Weekend in New England was absolutely fantastic. The arrangement fit her so perfectly. The way it gradually built up into this monstrous whirlwind of power and passion still sends me chills. It's the biggest joke in Idol history that she was sent home after this performance. I Have Nothing was also really good.

Circle Of Life

Weekend In New England

I Have Nothing


If This Isn't Love

You Pulled Me Through


Will said...

I was rooting for both Fantasia and Hudson dati.
I hated London kasi masyado syang overrated, in my opinion. Then I became an even bigger fan of Jennifer nung napanood ko yung "scene" niya sa Dreamgirls. Ayun.


Will: Same here. I was rooting for Fantasia and Hudson also because yes, London was overrated and a bi boring, in my opinion. I actually was so upset when JHud got eliminated Good thing, she showed them how it's done. LOL

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