Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Review: Easy A

Six years ago, we were given Mean Girls, which offered something new to the teenage high school comedy genre. Well, that movie was hilarious and clever, and Easy A, I thought, was pretty much in the same league as that. Superficially a teen romantic comedy, this was actually a very impressive piece of work.

On all levels, this film was sharp, witty and often hilarious. It was actually quite a surprise to encounter a film, which somehow pretended to be superficial and trivial but turned out to be one well-written story. No, it isn't going to be remembered for having the most original idea in movie history, but it's fantastically written dry wit made up for everything. Actually, this movie was possibly one of the first intelligent teen movie scripts that I've seen in more than a decade and clearly knocked out a home run film with performances by a top-notch cast.

Which brings me to the movie's most admirable element, the cast. Seriously. This film had a variety of hilariously memorable characters. Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as the parents were hysterical. I mean, when was the last time parents in a teen comedy got genuinely likable and absolutely funny? Not too often. Ha! Amanda Bynes was extremely effective as a conservative Jesus freak and so was Lisa Kudrow and even Penn Badgely. They were all a joy to watch.

And then there was Emma Stone. Indeed, her performance in this movie just solidified her as a very viable movie star. She was indescribably funny! She found a new ground as a female lead and basically nailed the role of Olive - from singing Pocket Full of Sunshine alone in her bedroom to strutting around in revealing clothes. Everything was just perfect. Oh, and hat's off to her character for abusing the "let's not and say we did" motto. Haha.

Frankly, this film should not be considered as just a generic comedy teen flick. I mean, in a world where the teenage high school film genre is a worn out and tired formula, this film shined by offering something new. It's funny, smart, witty, and never settled for the cliche. I'd say, Easy A is easily an A!

RATING: 9/10


jayviedistor said...

just watched this the other night and I super liked it! i really like Emma Stone, not just in this movie but also in Zombieland and The House Bunny.

haven't seen SuperBad though. but this girl rocks! love her to pieces.

and yes, Amanda Bynes was so damn convincing hahaha. the role suits her well.

and Penn Badgely....his role in this film reminds me of his role in the movie John Tucker Must Die. :D


Jayvie: Yes. Emma Stone FTW! I think this movie is a bit underrated. Someone should make people realize that this is a good film!!

Dani said...

I love this. Especially the 80s movies part. (Uh oh girly macho front broken, hahahaha.) Pero yeah, I love the soundtrack too. And Aly Michalka. =)


Dani: Haha. I love this film! :) Absolutely one of best this year.

Mark said...

Ooohhh burn!!!


Mark: I Got A.. I Got A.. I Got A.. I Got A Pocketful of Sunshine.

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