Sunday, November 21, 2010

X Factor UK 7: Top 8 Performances

Oh God! This episode was so weird. I'm not kidding. Usually, it’s on these kinds of songs where the contestants actually do better, but the entire night was an absolute train wreck. Truth be told, performances during the Beatles night on American Idol Season 7 - and maybe Season 9 - were leaps and bounds better than anything I saw and heard in this episode. Lame, believe me.

In summary: Wagner was still a sick joke. Heck, I don't even know why he's still here, while someone like  Aiden Grimshaw got eliminated early in the competition. Matt Cardle had this fake little growl that might've been the stupidest and weirdest thing I've heard from him so far this season. Cher Lloyd wasn't any good either, but at least it wasn't as painfully awful in the way Matt was. I just wish she can control her vibrato a little bit. Rebecca Ferguson had an interpretive and technical misfire on her performance. Sure, I like her tone but this proved that she can't hold a note and stay on pitch to save her freakin' life

Mary Byrne's performance was, as usual, boring and dated. Paije Richardson wasn't half bad, but once he went over-the-top, I hated it. One Direction have no rhythm and the platform was stupid, but I honestly think that their performance was decent and had an interesting arrangement. Katie Waissel, shockingly, had the only believable performance of the night. Enough said.

Anyway, here's how I rate the performances after the jump!

*click on the image to watch the performances*

Matt Cardle
Come Together

Cher Lloyd

One Direction
All You Need Is Love

Rebecca Ferguson

Mary Byrne

Paije Richardson
Let It Be

Get Back / Hippy Hippy Shake / Hey Jude

 Katie Waissel


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