Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol 10: Milwaukee Auditions

The best thing about American Idol now is how much I'm loving this season so far, thinking that after last year I was ready to drop it all..

I mean, tonight's episode proved that as this was way better than the first two from last week. Aside from the fact that I wanted to puke because of too much Danny Gokey exposure, I really thought that tonight had a great group of singers. There was a shockingly diverse set of interesting styles and, frankly, I saw several people that I'm very interested in following - so the episode was a win for me.

I still can't get enough of the judges too. I mean, Jennifer Lopez looked more comfortable on her role, Randy Jackson seemed to be progressing, and Steven Tyler cracked me up! Seriously. Simon who?

Oh, and one more thing: American Idol lowered the age limit of contestants because of how successful Justin Bieber is? Ugh! That's stupid! Just saying.

Anyway, here's my review on the people who got featured on today's episode:

DISCLAIMER: Just an opinion based on the auditions. It may change as the season progresses so haters back off. Haha.

Scott McCreery
Ok. This one's a little bit tricky. I mean, I really hate traditional country music and he sounds just like that, but I kind of like his unique voice and it seems much more mature for a 16 year old kid. Well, maybe I just don't see myself rooting for him. Oh well, I'm pretty sure we'll see more of Scott. 7/10

Emma Henry
Sue me, but I actually like her. Yes, her voice definitely needs work, but she has this unpolished raw talent in her. Plus, her tone is lovely - reminds me of Paramore's Haley Williams. Do I think she isn't ready for this yet? Yes, the same way I think Jacee Badaeux isn't ready for the cruel Idol machine. They're just way too young! 7/10

Naima Adedapo
Naima is incredible! Her voice is so damn soulful and she looks good in an off-beat kind of way. She intrigues me. Nice strong voice, and it looks like she knows who she is. I wonder what the hell is she doing cleaning the Summerfest grounds instead of being on stage? 8/10

Jerome Bell
This guy is really good. I like that there is a lot of soul in his voice and that he has an impressive vocal inflection down. He also has a lot of charisma going on for him. I just think he's too loud for my taste - maybe he needs to tone it down a little bit. 8/10

Thia Megia
Even if you take away the fact that she's actually a Filipina, I really like her. Her voice sounds very mature and she seemed to know what to do with it - used dynamics, and flourishes that actually made sense. Plus, she has tons of experience - America's Got Talent! The only issue I had with her audition was that she seemed like she was trying too hard. 8/10

Molly DeWolf Swenson
I feel in love the moment Randy punched her face! Haha. It was probably the funniest moment of the season.. YET! So, where can she go wrong after that? Ha! Truth be told, I love Molly! She has great vocal control, lovely phrasing, interesting tone and her alto is fabulous. Plus, I could see her cleaning up very nicely! She impressed me. That's it. 9/10

Haley Reinheart
She is gorgeous, but pretty girls don't seem to go very far though. Ha! Vocally, I think she's a very good singer but her audition was a little overwrought. 8/10

Tiwan Strong
I'm not so sure about this guy. He has a nice tone and he just kept things simple without doing excessive runs with his audition, but I just didn't find anything special with him. Sorry. 6/10

Steve Beghun
Interesting voice, not my cup of tea. I love his monotone speaking voice though. Haha. 6/10

Scott Dangerfield
Awesome! I think he's a good looking guy with a nice voice. He has a great tone - too much vibrato though - and I can tell that he has that stage presence on top of that gorgeous voice. Also, I didn’t know the song, but he made me like it! I’ll be keeping my eye on this guy in Hollywood. 8/10

Alyson Jados
Come on! no Danny Gokey montage on Dream On? Even during a Milwaukee audition? I feel so robbed! Haha. Well, she kind of reminds me of Gina Glocksen. Interesting tone but that's about it for me. I couldn’t even tell if she had any range at all. Next! 5/10

Chris Medina
He's not the greatest singer tonight, but I like his smooth voice - it comes out clean - and, yes, I'm just going to focus just on that. Or maybe not. Haha. I honestly refuse to like him too much. I mean, this guy will be Danny Gokey 2.0 if he makes it too far and I think he probably will. His story was definitely heartbreaking, but leave it to the producers to exploit the hell out of it for ratings. That said, I think Chris think he has more musical knowledge and experience coming onto the show than Danny did. 7/10


Robbie said...

I liked everyone tonight! As in. I even enjoyed the 2 guys who sang The Script. Anybody who can sing The Script decently is good in my book. Naiyak ako dun sa last audition dahil sa wife niya. Sana hindi maging Gokey 2.0 hahaha.

My top fave for this group would be Molly DeWolf Swenson and Scott Dangerfield. I had goosebumps when they sang.


Robbie: Yes. This was a pretty impressive episode. I also like Molly and Scott D. :)

Glecer said...

I was laughing out loud when Randy accidentally punched Molly DWS but I like her voice or maybe, I like in general. haha Don't you think Jerome Bell was in Bruno Mars get up? I thought he'll be singing Bruno's tracks.


Glecer: I know right. That clip was hysterical. As for Jerome Bell, he reminds me more of Ne-Yo than Bruno Mars.

Glecer said...

But with glasses, it's Bruno Mars but that's just me. :) I did not follow American Idol before however, this season is very interesting and gets better every episode.


Glecer: Oww. But that's just me though. I'm an American Idol fantard, so I've been following this since Season 3. Haha. :)

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