Friday, January 21, 2011

American Idol 10: New Orleans Auditions

Ok. It's official! Last night wasn't a fluke. I'm seriously enjoying this season so far! I mean, the judges are just incredibly entertaining and I am not missing Simon  Cowell one bit. Sue me.

Now, I think tonight was an improvement over yesterday's episode, I guess. I liked the singers better today overall. And yes, there were less horrible auditions this year than usual and more airtime for the good singers. Who knew?

Anyway, here's my review on the people who got featured on today's episode:

DISCLAIMER: Just an opinion based on the auditions. It may change as the season progresses so haters back off. Haha.

Jordan Dorsey
I really think African American men are doomed on American Idol. I mean, they don't usually go that far in the competition except for Ruben Studdard. Yes, Michael Lynche came in 4th last season but I don't think he deserved it. Haha. Well, Jordan I think was pretty good. He took some interesting liberty with the melody of the song and it actually worked. Do I think he's an Idol Winner material? I'm not sure yet. 8/10

Sarah Sellers
Yay! She's a food and music blogger! I like her already! Haha. Ok. This girl has a great tone and her phrasing is quite lovely. Sadly, everything else about her just "screamed" average to me. She just doesn't have any real star power quality to her. I like her calm personality though. Let's see. 7/10

Jovany Barreto
Not another Casey James shirt-off situation please! Haha. He has such a powerful voice but that's about it for me. His vocal control is decent but I think it needs a little fine-tuning. 5/10

Jacquelyn Dupree
Yes, she's beautiful, she can sing and she has powerful voice but there was something lacking that I can't really put my finger on it. I don't know. I also think that her lower register was better than her belting out the big notes and she seemed a little under pitch at times. 6/10

Bret Loewenstern
I like this kid. Sure, he was not that impressive by any means, but he can definitely sing. There were plenty of places where his tone was just unpleasant, especially while holding a note - not all of which were on pitch. But there was definitely something there. I liked how he managed to shift keys while singing the song though. He's actually pretty interesting, to say the least. Plus, his mother is so gorgeous it's shocking. Haha. Just saying. Oh, and he had this interesting soundbite: “I want to give a message to kids and bullies: be yourself.” Well, that message kind of cancels itself out now, doesn’t it? 7/10

Jacee Badeaux
Is it just me or this kid looks so much younger than 15? He looks 12 to me! He's like Justin Bieber but with talent! Haha. Without a doubt, Jayce has a great voice - possibly better than half of the people I've heard since yesterday - but I don't think he's ready to be a recording artist. Plus, he hasn't gone through puberty yet. I'm just bothered by that fact. Talent-wise though, he's probably one of the best.. so far! 8/10

Paris Tassin
Oh crap! This audition turned me into an emotional wreck! Usually, I have an automatic prejudice against the show-closing sob story,because I remember Danny Gokey being introduced in that spot, but take that factor out, I find this girl really good. No, she's not as good as Carrie Underwood and not entirely interesting, but the power in her voice was arresting and I thought her singing softly was quite lovely. I think Paris could become somewhat of a blender if she doesn’t step it up each time though. 8/10  


pinkribbonchic said...

I really liked them all tonight well the ones u mentioned lol. Its funny what u said about Casey James...ya, kinda crushed on him last yr and hav to say Jovany won me over even b4 he took his shirt off (that was just icing on the cake lol). What can I say Im a sucker for foreign languages and cowboys(casey) lol. Will definitely be interesting to see how far he goes. Im really excitingly waiting to be wowed tho.


Pinkribbonchic: Thanks for visiting the site! :) I'm not a fan of Jovany but we'll see. I'll just keep an open mind. Hehe.

Sani said...

Yeah I agree. After two eps, it already feels like a huge improvement from the past horrible seasons. Really digging the judges - they're refreshing and high-spirited. Loving the way Tyler's doing it. As for the contestants, can't really tell this early.

Smarla said...

Gooooosh naiyak ako kay Paris!!! Tagos sa puso.

Denman said...

I like Jacee. He's cute patootey and he's lovable and his voice is wonderful. But I'm scared for him kasi parang madali yata siyang mag-break down.

Robbie said...


Only saw half of this episode so syang di ko nakita ang topless portion. Grrr.


Sani: That's true. I'm in love with the judges. As for the contestants, I'll wait until the Hollywood week. It's rare for someone to actually impress me in this round. So far, Paris Bennett, Katharine McPhee and possibly Melinda Doolittle are the only auditions that I thought were beyond amazing!


Smarla: I hate to admit it but I got teary eyed as well. Sigh.


Den: He's cute and talented. I even thought he ate Justin Bieber. LOL. Ok, that's a lame joke. Anyway, I just don't know if he's ready to be a recording artist at this early age. I think he's too fragile for the industry. I'd say wait a couple of years.


Robbie: Kind of digging that kid. I have to see/hear more though to be convinced. :D

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