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Glee Season 2: Mid-Season Major Spoilers!!

Again, this post contains major spoilers so read at your own risk! Haha. This a compilation of the information I gathered from interviews, websites and also from a contributor, Ben Ross.

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Spoilers after the jump!! 

Episode 11 - Thriller (February 5, 2011 - Post-Superbowl episode)

- Full 1 hour and half episode - well, roughly.
- The first 10 minutes are meant to be quite amazing.
- Katie Couric - guest appearance - is interviewing Sue for something that may offend her.
-  Will does 'a little dance' with Katie Couric.
- Some of the girls of Glee join the football team.
-  The Cheerios will be forced to forfeit Nationals due to Quinn, Santana and Brittany choosing the Glee's half time routine over an unspecified Cheerio's routine.
- According to Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) in an interview, "some really good stuff in the Superbowl episode and will do stuff fans of the show have never seen him do before."
- Not confirmed but, Sam and Finn arguing over Quinn's choice - Sam wants her to choose Cheerio's, Finn wants her to choose Glee.
- Quinn choosing Glee (Finn) over Cheerios (Sam)
- The ending is said to be quite shocking according to Lea Michele.
-  I heard rumors that the end of the episode has the kiss.
- Charice will not be appearing in the Super Bowl episode and her song 'Meet Me Halfway' has been moved along with her to the last 5 episodes of Glee (according to Ryan Murphy this is to allow for some mega ballads).

Songs to be performed:
- Need You Now by Lady Antebellum (Puck and Rachel)
- Thriller/Heads Will Roll by Michael Jackson and Yeah Yeah Yeah (New Directions with Football Team)
- Bills Bills Bills by Destiny's Child (The Dalton Academy Warblers)
- She's Not There by The Zombies (Finn)

Episode 12 - Silly Love Songs (February 8, 2011)

- This is Glee's Valentine's Day episode.
- A new Warbler named Flint Wilson will be introduced and will fight with Kurt.
- A few relationship tiffs will occur in this episode with some crowd favorite couples. Who will stay, who will last?
- A sleepover will occur with three of the characters. Two of them you would assume to sleepover but the other person not so much.
- Blaine will confess something to someone and it will involve both love and drama.
- Chris Colfer has confirmed that although Kurt loves Blaine, Blaine does not feel the same way for Kurt.
- Some new relationships may begin, between two unlikely characters - possibly Puck and Lauren?
- According to Lea Michele the ending of the episode was very sweet that she began to cry.

Songs to be performed:
- P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson (Artie and Mike)
- When I Get You Alone by Robin Thicke (Blaine, Mercedes, Kurt and the Warblers)
- Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney (Blaine and the Warblers)
- Firework by Katy Perry (Rachel)
- Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen (Puck)
- My Funny Valentine (Tina)
- Misery by Maroon 5 is also rumoured to be performed by Blaine (?).

Episode 13 - Comeback (February 15, 2011)

-Sue will join New Directions.
- A character tries to mend his relationship through song.
- A diva off will take place between Mercedes and Rachel courtesy of Sue.
- Sue and Rachel will be dancing together.
- Sam will form a boy band and sing 3 Justin Bieber songs.
- According to Brad Falchuk, atleast one of Sam's performances will be sung to Quinn and the same song will impress the other guys to the point that they want to get involved.
- During the above performance, Sam will copy Justin Bieber's hairstyle.
-Finn and Rachel won't get back together in this episode.

Songs to be performed:
- Take Me or Leave Me from Rent (Rachel and Mercedes)
- Baby by Justin Bieber. (Sam and his boy band)
- Somebody To Love by Justin Bieber (Sam and boy band)
- Other songs are said to be another Justin Bieber song and a song by My Chemical Romance which is said to heavily involve Sue singing.

- Charice will appear on the last 5 episodes of Season 2. 
- Anne Hathaway will be making an appearance on Glee and will be playing, allegedly, Kurt's lesbian aunt.
- Coach Bieste will be singing a song.
- According to Ryan Murphy, Gwenyth Paltrow will be making a return for two episodes as Holly Holiday. She will be a Sex Education teacher and will play a love interest to Will. She will be singing 8 songs over her two episode appearance but this may change.
- Gwenyth Paltrow character Holly Holiday will play matchmaker to a crowd favourite couple.
- Lady Gaga's unreleased song Born This Way will be used as a theme throughout an entire episode focusing on Karofsky - and his feelings. The song will be sung in the episode and is said to involve the entire cast. It is still unknown whether or not Karofsky will be singing. This song may be used in an episode titled 'Blame It On The Alcohol'. 
- Jonathan Groff would be filming for Glee in January once his show in London finished - possibly after January 15.
- According to, Sam and Quinn will not be morphing into Squinn anytime soon. Ryan Murphy got bored with the team up because they were too perfect. WTF!
- What's crazier is that Sam starts dating Santana after that and Quinn will seek solace in her ex, Finn. 

That's it.. for now! Also, the information here may change last minute because yes, it is Ryan Murphy's show! Haha. But for now, enjoy the spoilers.

One last thing though: Dear Ryan Murphy, I just hope Glee doesn't go the Gossip Girl route where everyone passes partner from one person to another, with threesome included. Just saying. Thank you.


Robbie said...

Ang dami namang mangyayari. Medyo OA na ung iba.


Robbie: I know. But that's Glee, I guess. Hehe

Will said...

I agree with Ryan Murphy saying Squinn is a perfect team-up. Finchel's a bit more on the "problematic side" and open for more possible storylines.

*excited for the second half!!

Smarla said...

ang dami naman! :D awww so hindi pa sure yung kurt and blaine? awwww :(


Will: I agree. But I think Ryan Murphy shouldn't mess up with the team-ups this early It's going the Gossip Girl route and I don't know if I like the idea.


Smarla: Haha. Too many ba? I guess so.

Joyceee said...

oh my oh my oh my JONATHAN GROFF IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha

right on, Ryan Murphy. Sam-Quinn is a boooring couple. Two blondes eek. cliche, much. Better if it's Puck-Quinn they can spin a lot of stories in there.


Joyce: Haha. You're such a Groff fan it's funny! LOL. I'm kidding, of course.

But, I love Sam-Quinn. They're perfect. I don't think they're boring. They make me kilig. Haha.

TV Series Planet said...

After “A Very Glee Christmas” wherein the spirit of Christmas spread all over the episode and some surprising exposure, Now for the next episode "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle" wow, great interpretation of Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle with heads will roll. I can't wait for the next episode Glee Season 2 Episode 11


TV Series Planet: Can't wait too!!

Anonymous said...

i really hope that jesse st. james will be back! i totally miss the "st.berry" tandem


Anonymous: I hope so too! :)

Dianna said...

quinn and sam may be just two blondes but you have to admit she belongs with him there in love and it was a mistake to put her back with finn and santanna with sam here is how it should be

Quinn+Sam=major cute couple thats in love! <3
Santana+Puck=cute couple neither loves anyone and both fool around ALOT well santana loves brittney i guess.
Rachel+Finn=dramatic yet lovely annoying perfect couple they belong together.
Tina+Mike=the perfect aisian couple sooooo cute fav. couple QUINN+SAM!! <3<3<3<3<3

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