Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol 10: New Jersey Auditions


Well, I'll jump into it and say that Season 10 is the rebirth of American Idol into the new era! Haha. This is exactly what the show needed. The older formula just got tiring and so far, this season looks incredibly promising.

I personally didn't expect to like the new panel but they were entertaining enough that I barely miss Simon Cowell. Seriously. This line up got some serious chemistry going on and they looked comfortable sitting next to each other. I think it's better than anything I got with Kara DioGuardi or Ellen DeGeneres on that judging table. Jennifer Lopez fits perfectly into the role of a nice sympathetic judge and Steven Tyler is just hysterical. I also think he has the experience in the industry like Cowell and the craziness of Paula Abdul. So, what is there more to ask? Well, a coherent sentence from Randy Jackson maybe. Haha.

As for the contestants, no one totally blew me away with their talent. However, the show has just started so I'm still hopeful that a couple of people will impress me in the next coming episodes. It's nice to point out though that there was a really nice ratio of good auditions and crappy ones. Now, if Season 10 have talented contestants to back up everything from the new judges, to the new format and whatnot. This might be the American Idol Renaissance. Haha.

Oh, and the new intro was epic. I just don't understand why Daughtry, Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson were part of the winners intro. Sure, they became successful after Idol, but that's just not right. Oh well.

Here's my review on the people who got featured on today's episode:

DISCLAIMER: Just an opinion based on the auditions. It may change as the season progresses so haters back off. Haha.

Rachel Zevita
I remember this girl from Season 6. She's a good vocalist with an interesting quality to her voice but haven't we heard Hallelujah enough? Seriously. Retire that song already! People need to get some new songs. 7/10

Caleb Hawley
He did ok. He has this good soulful tone but I definitely cringed a couple of times while he was singing. I guess, Steven Tyler singing and tapping along made it less noticeable but he surely had some issues hitting those high notes. 6/10

Kenzie Palmer
This girl actually reminded me so much of Carrie Underwood when she auditioned back in Season 4. Beautiful, good voice but lacked stage presence. Oh, and to Randy and his idiotic commentary, "Based on the voice and the fact you're fifteen.", I just have to say that you're already as much of a useless judge as you've always been. 7/10

Tifanny Rios
Wow. How predictable was the Jersey Shore angle with this contestant? Frankly, I didn't like her at first - she reminded me of a less annoying Snooki - but when she belted that Celine Dion classic as her second song, I thought she was really good. That came completely out of nowhere. Haha. 6/10

Robbie Rosen
This is new. 40 minutes in before a legit sob backstory. Haha. Is this a record? Anyway, Robbie to me wasn't too bad. Yes, he may have oversang Yesterday a bit, but I think this kid got potential. Plus, he seemed like a nice kid. It's funny though how he said that he waited his whole life for a chance like this, yet he's only 16. Haha. 6/10

Ashley Sullivan
I love her! Haha. This girl was something else. She's totally theater in a meth addict kind of way. Haha. The singing was alright if a bit overwrought and loud. But that said, I can't get enough of her. She's like my Tatiana Del Toro of Season 10. Nice! 5/10

Victoria Huggins
Definite contender for most annoying person EVER! Ugh! I'm thoroughly annoyed with this girl. Next! 1/10

Melinda Ademi
Where's Katy Perry when you need her? "Sweetie, this is not a lifetime movie..." Haha. Honestly, I could have done without the sob story because this girl has a pretty voice. Again, nothing special but decent. She didn't oversing and she's not as obnoxious as Victoria. What a polar opposite. Maybe it was edited that way to highlight the difference. Haha. 6/10

Devyn Rush
Ok. She was really good. I love some of the jazzy affections in her singing. I think God Bless The Child is one of those songs that needs more subtle moments though. 8/10

Brielle Von Hugel
Tell me, if her father is now cancer-free, what's the point of mentioning it? Ugh! Her voice was sweet but too cutesy and shmaltzy for my taste. That is all. 6/10

Travis Orlando
How come I felt like he was going to say "America's Next Top Model" instead of "America's Next Top Idol"? HAHA. I like his voice. He somehow reminded me a little bit of Bruno Mars. His Eleanor Rigby's version was interesting but I actually prefer his I'm Yours audition. Is he the one to watch? Maybe. 8/10


Robbie said...

Booooo walang cute. Grabe adik ka Dam di pa pinapalabas sa Star World eh.

The Victoria Huggins girl.... siya ba yung nasa commercials saying na she's the next American Idol na nakakairita yung boses at tono? If so.... then YES, she is annoying.


Robbie: I'm sorry. Too excited maybe? Haha. Anyway, take a second look at Caleb, maybe you'll like him. LOL.

As for Victoria Huggins, I just don't like her. Not sure if she's the same girl sa promo pero this one is really irritating that I want to stab my ears. HAHA.

Robbie said...

Caleb looks madumi. No thanks. Hahaha.


Robbie: A couple of makeovers and he'll be fine. See: Darren Criss. I remember the first time I posted a pic of him and you commented something. LOL.

Robbie said...

Honestly, I'm kinda tired of all the 16 yr olds. And Victoria WAS the annoying girl in the promos. I'm sure she's nice but she's just to happy.

I like Ashley Sullivan. She's the kind of crazy that I like. Parang I want her to be my friend. Hahaha.

reyjr said...

Ang sipag mo wow. Where'd you get the photos? Screen shots? :p


Robbie: Same here. I'm not really fond of the youngsters. They just don't have the maturity yet. The only youngsters I liked were Archuleta and Sparks. The others were just weird.

And yes, Ashley Sullivan is CRAZY!!


Reyjr: Yes, Screenshots! Hehe.

Denman said...

You know what? I'm gonna go J.Lo on all of them. Can't say NO to them. Love them all, especially North Carolina girl, crazy Ashley and Bruno Mars look-alike.


Den: I'll probably say no to a couple of them. Haha.

Denman said...

North Carolina girl included, I guess. She's lovely and I think she's just oozing with confidence, but that's a good thing. :D


Den: Wait, who's North Carolina girl? Haha

Denman said...

North Carolina girl is Victoria Huggins. I actually did not expect her to have a good singing voice. I do not see her making it in the top 12 though.


Den: That's why I don't know her. I hated her kasi. Ugh! Oh well. I don't think she'll survive any further than the first day of Hollywood. Hahaha.

reyjr said...

Lol @ Dam. You're so cruel you should be an Idol judge. :p


Reyjr: Hahaha. I'm not cruel. I just say it as it is. Kaya minsan napapaaway ako sa mga Idol fans eh. LOL.

Smarla said...

ang annoying nga ni victoria. over over perky and over confident :P

Robbie said...

Favorite ko sa batch na to si Devyn Rush and Travis Orlando.

iryngracie said...

I agree with what you said about Victoria. Found her extremely annoying as well.


Smarla: Tama! Overconfidence somehow turns me off. I just want to slap her in the face. Haha.

Robbie: Haha. Interesting. We have the same taste when it comes to talent. LOL. I love them both.

iryngracie: Amen!

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