Friday, January 28, 2011

American Idol 10: Nashville Auditions

To be honest, this episode was nothing compared to last night - yesterday's episode was one of the rare audition episodes that I absolutely enjoyed - but I'm now convinced that the voices this season seem much stronger. I'm really enjoying this season so far.

I also thought that tonight really demonstrated the difference between the old and new judging panel. Yes, it still seems like Randy Jackson is stuck in past - laughing at contestants, accusing them of being a joke when they sing in earnest and acting like they ware a waste of his precious time - basically channeling a trying hard version of Simon Cowell.

But, I really like the new vibe Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have brought to the panel. They really pay attention, and you really feel that it’s not about THEM, it’s about the contestants. I hope Randy falls in line - actually based on his spineless nature, I’m sure he will eventually, but it’s hard to teach an old dawg new tricks, for me, for you. Haha.

Oh, and Jennifer Lopez was pretty impressive in this episode. She was tougher and she says the most with the least - if you know what I mean. Without lecturing every contestant, she was able to say it all in a couple of words. Good job!!

Anyway, here's my review on the people who got featured on today's episode:

DISCLAIMER: Just an opinion based on the auditions. It may change as the season progresses so haters back off. Haha.

Chelsee Oaks and Rob Bolin
Ex-couple? Well, that's a first. Haha. This audition was SO awkward. Good thing, they sound AMAZING together - the harmony was stellar. Separately, they were still pretty impressive. I slightly prefer the guy better than the girl because I think Rob has got a great tone to his voice - very reminiscent of Alex Lambert - but that's not saying I didn't love Chelsee's version of The Story, because I did. 8/10

Stormi Henley
Why is this rather attractive woman such a damn dull singer? Hmm.. She shouldn’t have been put through. Her voice is weak, the tone is unremarkable and got nothing in terms of interpretation. But after they let through other mediocre singers from past episodes, I'm not that surprised. Haha. I love that Jennifer Lopez is getting more and more on point though. Beauty 10/10; Talent 5/10

Adrienne Beasley
Now these are the type of back stories I like! Ha. Adrienne's voice, to me, was almost perfectly flawed but the quirks gave it some power and genuine meaning. A nice counterpoint to the wave of empty but more proficient teens. If she refined her style a little she might have something. I think she’s interesting - a potential African American country girl, which Haeley Vaughn failed to do last season. Haha. 7/10

Jackie Wilson
Hmm. Jackie did better than I expected. I love how quietly she's ending her phrases, and the early raspy notes. I didn’t like how completely loud she became at the last part of her song, but I figured that it went over better in the room itself. I also felt that the song went on forever without her getting to the chorus of Until You Come Back To Me. But, she has something interesting going on. Oh, but what a freakin’ weird ending. Her kissing an old man good enough to be her father kind of threw me away. Haha. Sorry. 7/10

Paul McDonald
This guy oddly reminds me of Ray LaMontagne. The tone of his voice really gripped me. 6/10

Jimmie Allen
Nice tone. Lovely phrasing. Great control. Quiet confidence. Breezy charm. I wanted to see/hear more though. 7/10

Danny Pate
I didn't even get to hear him sing one complete verse! Haha. N/A

Matt Dillard
Wow. They're playing Kris Allen's version of Faling Slowly! Yay! Haha. Well, overalls and alligator hat isn't particularly good, but Matt wasn't as terrible as I was expecting him to be. I love how his voice is completely different than his look – sometimes it's fun when the “package” is a little mismatched. Ha! 6/10

Lauren Alaina
Ugh! Someone is already getting the huge pimping treatment. Well, Nigel Lythgoe - Idol Executive Producer - has been pimping this Lauren girl in his twitter account saying that she's the next Kelly Clarkson and someone who could very well win American Idol. Is it just me or is this completely inappropriate for him to be pimping anyone, especially this early? Talk about favoritism. Now, to be completely fair, I thought her audition was good - her second song was better than her first, but whatever. She has got more subtlety than the average teenage kid and if she wasn’t being so talked up, I’d like her more. She has a strong tone that is, yes, reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson but less soulful. She's got a lot of improving to do when it comes to phrasing and interpretation. Oh, and I have to say that she’s not the best contestant I’ve seen this year. Seriously. I think I've said enough. Haha. 8/10


I just had to throw this here! He/she had me laughing the whole time!! "?" FTW! ?


Glecer said...

Poor me, I was not able to catch "?'s" audition. I'll watch the replay for this audition. :)

Will said...

"?" was a big WTF!

Robbie said...

They played Kris Allen's Falling Slowly! :D

Kakaiba ang pimpage kay Lauren ha.


Glecer: Haha. Yeah. Watch ?, he/she is funny. :)


Will: ? is more of LOL. Haha


Robbie: I know! I was grinning when I heard Kris Allen's Falling Slowly! Waaah.

And yes, Lauren's pimpage was ott.

Sendo said...

magaling si lauren alaine...may drama buhay talentadong bata ^^ napapatindig balahibo me sa boses niya haha..chaka si henley ^^ ganda much


Sendo: I think Lauren's good but I hope they did tone it down with the drama. Henley's gorgeous. That's all. Hehe. :P

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