Saturday, October 29, 2011

Glee Music 3: Pot O' Gold

Yes, after 3 episodes, Glee is already on it's first one month hiatus of the season. But if it's all about making the series a lot better than the disappointment that was Season 2, I'm all for it. Now, here are the songs to premiere in the next episode! Enjoy

ETA: These are iTunes version already.

To be fair, the harmonies are nicely done and yes, both Mercedes and Santana sound good on this. However, this doesn't seem to have the same energy as the original. Their duet River Deep, Mountain High was so much better, but I'm thinking the actual performance will make this a lot better no? 8/10

Last Friday Night
I have to say, for a real straight man, Darren sure can make every song gay. Haha. Very nice! I don't think this cover is anything spectacular, but the song in itself is catchy and serves it's purpose. Blaine + Katy Perry song = Glee back to the top of the iTunes chart! Haha. That said, 3 solos for Blaine in 4 episodes? Wow. This has to stop for the meantime, or I'll be bored with him fast. Just saying. 9/10

Bein' Green
Yes, Damian's voice is pretty impressive here. I like it's quirkiness, nice control and I think his bass is great. I somehow felt though that the tune's a little short for my taste. 7/10
Take Care of Yourself
Who knew Damian can even go that high? I know that his bass is his forte, but his falsetto actually sounds really good. It's pretty nice to hear him explore the other side of his range. As for the actual song, it's ok. Not totally into it, but we'll see on the actual episode. 7/10

Waiting For A Girl Like You
This is a very nice stripped down version of the song. It has a lullaby feel to it, which is really interesting and I love how Puck sounds in this tune - very vulnerable and smooth. I'm not so sure if his tone works well with the key he was singing it, but that's just me nitpicking already. 7/10



giorgio said...

these are not full versions and you have forgotten a song: Waiting for a Girl Like You

Tiffany said...

Do you have the full HQ versions yet? thanks! :)

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