Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Sing-Off Season 3: Hip Hop (Episode 6)

Ok. So, I will be stepping in this week for The Sing-Off since AL, one of the blog's contributors, is kind of busy. Of course, I've been following the show even though I'm not really the one reviewing it. I still think this show is possibly one of the best in terms of talent, but I somehow think that a five episode series (just like Season 1 and 2) would've been better instead of this prolonged season.

But I still love the show and the judges and yes, this theme is kind of brave for them to tackle - I think, this is the only singing competition out there who even dared to have this as a theme. So good job!

Group Performance: Nothin' On Me by B.O.B (ft. Bruno Mars)

Here we go!

Darthmouth Aires
Club Can't Handle Me
I always enjoy the enthusiasm of this group! I'm not sure if the tone of their lead singer works well with the tune especially at the beginning, but when the "rapper" went it - who's incredibly charming for a rapper - everything just flowed perfectly. The harmonies were on point and I didn't mind the vocals of the lead singer. It was fun. 7.5/10

Killing Me Softy
I actually didn't mind them going for the more jazzy version of the song because that's what they are as a group. I was pretty impressed that their version had a hip hop beat, but with a jazzy vocal stylings. Their lead singer's voice was sensational! The end part was a little cluttered, but that's a minor thing to even take notice. 9/10

The Collective
Give Me Everything
Whoa! The beginning was really rough. I wasn't sure if they could hear each other, but they sounded incredibly off. Yes, it got better after that, but I just didn't think they were able to recover completely. The arrangement was such a mess and there was a lack of cohesion within the group. Sorry. It just didn't work for me. 5.5/10

Vocal Point
I'll Be Missing You
Didn't they just cheat? Haha. I digress. Just like Afro-Blue, they didn't go totally hip hop and I respect that. I think their harmonies were lovely and although they had pitch issues through out, I appreciate the fact that they were fully connected with the song. It's emotional and real. 6.5/10

Urban Method
There was nothing spectacular with this performance, but I think it's one of the better renditions in this episode. I agree with Ben Folds that the girls were pretty solid and just got lost in the middle because of the background vocals. It could've been a little more dynamic and powerful, but I didn't mind. The rapping was good, but he's a rapper to begin with so I didn't expect anything less. 7/10

Love Lockdown
FANTASTIC! Pentatonix, to me, is in their own class. For being the smallest group in the competition, they sounded so much bigger and more impressive than everyone else. There were no gaps in the sound coming from them and they always sound rich and not sparse. Their beat and bass guys were the some of the best if not THE best in the competition and their lead vocalists were extremely strong. Plus, the creativity of this group has been unmatched on the show. 10/10

How To Love
I liked Delilah on their first two songs - Grenade and Whataya Want From Me - but haven't really liked them since. Here, their performance was actually pretty strong. The arrangement was awesome, the modulation was great, the lead singers were incredibly strong and I enjoyed the simplicity of it all. Oh, and their connection to the song was actually quite nice. Welcome back, Delilah! 8/10

The Show Goes On
This was a pleasant surprise. Their harmonies were really good, the energy was infectious and the whole performance sounded pretty rich and full. It did lack a bit of dynamics, but I didn't really mind. But yes, they were the weakest in this bracket, but I must say that they were not the weakest in the bunch. 7/10


I somehow prefer The Collective's version of Just A Dream just because it sounded more definite and solid than the muddled arrangement of YellowJackets, but I like the latter than the former, so whatever.


Anonymous said...

Nothin On You isn't originally B.O.B with Hayley Williams. It's B.O.B by himself. AIRPLANES has Hayley Williams in it.

Anonymous said...

It's B.O.B with Bruno Mars

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