Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Voice 3: Finale Results Show

One of the most unpredictable Finale results shows EVER! Not. Haha. To be honest, I'd rather have a predictable winner than something like Jermaine Paul's win last season, which completely shocked almost everyone - of course, except for people who did vote for him.

 I find it interesting though that two out of three winners of this show are people who came into it after already establishing a name for themselves in the industry, and having relatively small, but solid fanbases. Yes, the black soulful guy winner trend has ended after Trevin Hunte got eliminated last week, but I guess this is what the show is about - giving a second chance to has beens artists.

Anyway, the show had lots of fillers, but I enjoyed the performances of the eliminated contestants - especially from Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez and Dez Duron - and other performances from Rihanna, the incredible Bruno Mars and the very talented Kelly Clarkson. Plus, I LOVE the sort of "goodbye" performance of the judges as Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will exit the show for next season. 

But let's cut to the chase! And the winner of The Voice Season 3 is..

RESULTS after the jump!! 

Cassadee Pope

2nd Place - Terry McDermott
3rd Place - Nicholas David


danni said...

What people don't seem to realize is how hard Cassadee actually had to work to build up her fanbase even. After Hey Monday decided to go on hiatus, a lot of fans were disappointed and just kind of forgot about her. But she kept at it and came back, proving that she has what it takes to last in the music business.

I don't think this show is supposed to be all about discovering new artists with no fanbases or giving people second chances.. it's about finding the one person in America that has the ability to captivate an audience. It's quite obvious that Cassadee did just that. She is the most humble, down to earth, sweetheart that I have ever had the privledge of meeting and I am seriously so proud of her.

DAM said...

I don't discredit the fact that she did work hard for this, but I also can say that to the rest of the contestants. I just feel like if you're coming in on the show as a student or a worker of some unknown company, you'd less likely be able to win the show against someone who already has a solid fanbase prior to the show.

I also don't think the show is about "finding that one person who has captivated the audience" because if that's the case those people who got "captivated" wouldve bought albums of Javier Colon and Jermaine Paul. Just saying.

Shawn Jang said...

I'd have to disagree with you on that last part DAM. I agree with danni when she (or he) says that any singing competition is about "finding that one person who has captivated the audience" because that is the reason why they are voting for a specific person. They like that person and think they have talent (hopefully).

Talking about how those same people who are voting don't end up buying the winners' albums is a whole different story. They mostly don't buy their albums because 90% of the time, the winners' record producers/writers don't create the kinds of records that can help sell records. They don't really think about the kind of artist that the winner truly is and try to produce music that fits into their genre or music style. That is where the blame should be pointed at when it comes to the winners' not being able to sell records. No matter how captivated the audience member is by a winner, they will not lay money down for their records if the music sucks and doesn't showcase what they loved about them in the first place.

DAM said...

Shawn Jang, I get your point, but we may agree to disagree. I think with Javier Colon and Jermain Paul, their records especially the former released an album that was exactly what he gave the audience when he was still on The Voice. Colon's songs were almost the same exact things that endeared him to America. But why did he flop? Lack of promotion? Or did America move on quickly after he won? My guess is as good as everyone else.

I just hope The Voice gives Cassadee Pope a legit second chance at stardom, because the show badly needs at least a moderately successful alum stat.

Shawn Jang said...

That is true. The sad thing about these singing shows is that the winners almost never become successful (and sometimes the non-winners even become more successful than the winners). Although, I would personally say that Phillip Phillips is pretty successful right now, which is surprising since winners rarely become successful these days. Good for him!

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