Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Voice 3: Finale

Why did I find this episode utterly boring? Was it because I still can't seem to move on after Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez's eliminations two weeks ago? Or maybe because the results tomorrow will be as Terry McDermott's repertoire? Or because Cassadee and Terry stayed 100% in their comfort zone tonight and only Nicholas took a massive chance - thought not completely successful. Haha.

I don't know. I guess, this season was just WAY too long that I lost interest after Amanda and Melanie got eliminated. Plus, there was nothing exciting about the performances this week - despite this being a Finale week. How I wish they would have done original songs like the finalists did in Season 1, but whatever.

Without further ado, for the last time this season, recap after the jump!

09. Terry McDermott
Broken Wing
Not good. Aside from the fact that he did mess up and forgot his words at the beginning, he sounded really rough especially in his upper register and his pitch was uneven. Somehow, Terry does good with song that builds, which this song didn't do. Such a shame. 5/10

08. Nicholas David
Great Balls Of Fire / Fire
Strange song choice. Seriously? This was a weird departure from his normal performances and somehow it just didn't work. To me, Nicholas was more suited to singing the Hendrix song by itself than mashing it up with one of the cheesiest songs EVER. This was underwhelming and I wish he didn't stray from being a soulful vocalist. 5/10

07. Cassadee Pope
Steve McQueen (duet with Blake Shelton)
I did like the megaphone bit, but that's basically it for me. She wasn't hitting most of her notes first half of the performance and she was struggling to stay on pitch. Plus, Cassadee's low register was awful, which has ALWAYS been her weakness. I don't know. Part of me felt like Blake saved this performance from being a trainwreck. 5.5/10

06. Nicholas David
Lean On Me
I admit, I wanted something soulful from Nicholas - instead of that messy Great Balls Of Fire/Fire mash up - but somehow the reprise wasn't as good as the first time. I appreciated the fact that he did change a couple of things, but I got bored with this. Sorry. 6/10

05. Nicholas David
Play That Funky Music (duet with Cee Lo Green)
Poor Nicholas, that mini Cee Lo just took the spotlight away from him. Haha. To be honest, I was hoping for more insanity - especially with this song - but I was thoroughly entertained by this performance. I thought their voices complement each other surprisingly well and it wasn't a snoozer unlike his previous number. If only there's a contemporary song that could showcase Nicholas' voice as great as this oldie, he'd be golden. 7/10

04. Terry McDermott
Dude Looks Like A Lady (duet with Blake Shelton)
Wow. Was it just me or Terry actually sounded better than Blake? I didn't expect much from this duet, but this was actually quite good and the performance was a lot of fun. Totally unexpected. Very nice. 7/10

03. Terry McDermott
I Want To Know What Love Is
Out of all the reprises tonight, this, to me, was a complete improvement from his previous performance of the song. I thought he sounded good, his vocals soared and the nice inflections he incorporated here were more pronounced and clear. He still did sound a little dated, but by now, it's futile to complain about it. Haha. 7.5/10

02. Cassadee Pope
Over You
Not as stellar as the first time - this lacked that magical moment - but she still did great with it. It was still a solid and emotional performance that America will eat up. Good pick. 7.5/10

01. Cassadee Pope
If this girl doesn't win, this show will NEVER crown a female winner - something I said when Jessica Sanchez lost to Phillip Phillips. Haha. I admit, this vocal performance wasn't Cassadee's best and not exactly my favorite, but she did emote the material really well and she earned her victory. She needs to work on her lower register, but I digress. 8/10

Cassadee Pope 
The Voice Season 3 Winner


X said...

First, I'd like to say that the song they had at the beginning with the judges and all the contestants from the year singing as tribute to the victims in Connecticut was really classy and touching. It's really great when live shows like this (and Survivor where they had a moment of silence at the beginning of the show) do something nice like this.

Anyways, back to the show...
Somebody is a Cassadee fan =)
But really, she's definitely grown on me. At auditions, I wouldn't have even turned my seat around for her. She turned out to be one of my favorites.
However, I don't think she had a good night. There were vocal issues in all her songs... some of those issues were quite bad. Plus, she didn't seem to have the connection with the songs like she normally seems to.
I wouldn't be disappointed if she won the whole thing though.

However, since Melanie and Amanda were both kicked off (still pissed about that), I would rather see my #3 win it... and that would be Terry. As for your comment about him sounded better than Blake...duh =) I would think that would be a given seeing as they were singing a classic rock song, and Terry is the classic rock guy (and really, Blake is decent sounding at almost everything he sings... but he's really not a great vocalist).
Terry had some uncharacteristic vocal issues, too. Must have been something wrong with the equipment.

Really though, just going by last night, I think I enjoyed Nicholas' performances the most. I think he sounded better than he has all season, all his performances were fun and engaging, and he didn't seem to have nearly as many vocal issues as the other 2 did.

So... I would give the win for last night to Nicholas. For the whole season (and the actual winner of the show) I would say it's a toss up between Cassadee and Terry...either one is fine with me (but, really, the winner should have been Melanie or Amanda =( ).

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