Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Voice 3: Top 6 Results Show

The Voice axed two more people to finally have their Final 4 who will all perform in next week's finale. But am I the only one who's not entirely excited after this week's elimination? Personally, I don't think these two people deserved the boot. They are probably the most interesting singers in the bunch. It's funny that this is the most boring Final 4 I could picture out of an exciting Top 12. Haha.

RESULTS after the jump!! 

Terry McDermott
Trevin Hunte
Cassadee Pope
Nicholas David

Melanie Martinez
Amanda Brown

.. and just like that, Adam Levine's team got wiped out. I'm sad to see both Melanie and Amanda go. To me, they are the most interesting contestants left. I loved Melanie's quirkiness, voice and style. I never felt like she's putting on a gimmick. She picked good current songs that suits her voice perfectly and her voice records excellently. Amanda, on the other hand, is probably the BEST contestant on The Voice EVER. She's a vocal beast with great dynamics and stage presence. To me, they are both robbed.

At this point, there's no one else I can really get behind. Cassadee is still a mixed bag for me. Trevin's annoyingly inconsistent and an old school diva belter. Terry is a dated rocker. That leaves Nicholas, who's interesting but someone I wouldn't listen to. I expect Cassadee's win next week and possibly a mild career similar to lesser American Idol alums, but her voice next to Amanda sounded colorless and unpleasant.



Alexandre(KellyKellyFan) said...

This is such a shame, Amanda had so many qualities that was almost impossible for me to imagine this show withouht her winning, too bad she didn't connect, she needs to be picked up by some major label because as you said she's like one of the best TV contestants ever, she isn't gimmicky, has that amazing personality, awesome presence, great taste, killer voice and is hot like hell, she needs to go global

X said...

I'm just going to go ahead and say...TOTAL BULLSH*T!

It had to be said. I think Melanie and Amanda were BY FAR the best of the bunch. What the hell happened? I want a recount! =)

All I can say now is that the winner better come from Team Blake. Unfortunately, I see the winner being the same undeserving type of person as that has won this show since it started...Trevin. Sure he has his moments, but he's not that good and will likely be about as big as the last 2 winners (ie not big at all).
If I'm right, then I'm not sure there's a point in watching this or American Idol. The winners are always the same type of artist.
Voice - big burly R&B artist
AI - white guy with a guitar

At least X Factor seems to be on the right track as far as picking the best singers with Melanie last year and probably either Carly Rose or Tate this year (Carly Rose is the obvious choice for best singer, but Tate isn't bad... wouldn't be MY personal choice, but there are a lot of country fans).

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