Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Voice 3: Top 4

Voice keeps changing the rules as we go. Three person Finale? 

Well, I felt like this episode lacked interesting material this week. I don't know, but the whole show was boring. Was it because Melanie and Amanda are already gone? Clearly, the two ladies who got eliminated last week brought a LOT of their own brand of entertainment to the show and they were sorely missed in this episode. I just know Melanie would've came up with some wild and interesting idea and Amanda would've figuratively exploded on stage. But, I digress.

Anyway, recap after the jump!  

04. Trevin Hunte
Wind Beneath My Wings
Wow. Trevin just slaughtered an entire village of notes with this performance! He was so sharp, to a point where midway through his performance, the melody actually stood up and walked away. Haha. I don't know. This, to me, was one of his worst performances on the show and if he doesn't leave tomorrow, I'll punch a soul! 3/10

03. Terry McDermott
Let It Be
While this still wasn't particularly exciting, I felt like this was Terry's best performance in weeks. Not sure if it was just because of the song choice, but he sounded fantastic with a couple of interesting choices on the melody. He will forever just be a glorified karaoke singer for me, but I did enjoy this one from him. 7/10

02. Nicholas David
You Are So Beautiful
Not exactly a Nicholas fan - he sounds too dated for my taste - but I thought he did a wonderful rendition of this song. Yes, the song choice was rather predictable and somewhat a snoozer, but he connected with the material immensely well, his vocals were spot on and there was passion and soul. Nice job. 7.5/10

01. Cassadee Pope
Stupid Boy
I admit, I prefer Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez over her, but since both got eliminated last week, I have NO choice but to go with the next best thing, and the obvious choice was Cassadee. Of course, that's not to take anything away from her because she had moments on the show including this one. Her rendition of this Keith Urban song was sublime. I liked that the song choice was current compared to the others, her vocals were fantastic, and she showcased a good amount of range in her voice. Plus, her vocal dynamics were terrific. I guess, I really like Cassadee bet when she sings country rather than the usual pop/rock. 8.5/10

Trevin Hunte


X said...

I more or less agree with you this week. I think I would switch Terry and Nicholas... but Cassadee was definitely #1 and Trevin was definitely #5 (he seems to get worse every week, while Cassadee gets better).

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