Thursday, December 13, 2012

X Factor US 2: Top 4

One act shockingly chocked. One act was still bland. One act was terrible. One act stepped up. Yes, that's how this episode went. With one exception, I didn't feel like the acts performed at their best tonight. Heck, one frontrunner even gave probably the most underwhelming performances all season long.

I'm now interested as to how things will pan out tomorrow. Will the underdogs prevail? Or will there be a shocking boot? Can't. Wait. Haha.

Anyway, on to the rankings!

08. Emblem3
Baby I Love Your Way
I still don't understand how they got this far. Tween votes? But they aren't even THAT good looking. I don't know. This was better than the travesty last week, but they sounded flat at the beginning - that blonde guy making faces wanted me to punch a soul - and their vocals were sloppy towards the end. I used to like them, but I just can't with their mediocre singing talent. 5/10

07. Carly Rose Sonenclar
Possibly Carly Rose's weakest performance to date. She sounded good with just the piano, but when she randomly belted out this one high note midway through her performance, everything went downhill. Her transitions were odd, the arrangement ruined the melody of the song especially towards the end and I felt like most of the liberties she took vocally were off. Oh, andI agree with Simon, this song did not need those power notes. Sad. 6/10

06. Tate Stevens
Yes, Tate sounds great at singing his genre and his rendition was heartfelt, but this just did nothing for me. It's bland as dirt and very generic. I have no doubt that he will be declared safe tomorrow, but how the judges kept on calling out Fifth Harmony for being boring when Tate does the same old repetitive performance every single week? 6.5/10

05. Emblem3
Hey Jude
Yikes! The blonde dude  who's a non-brother is easily the WORST singer to ever be in a singing competition! Good thing, the other two can, at least, carry a tune. This performance was karaoke more or less - it's a song one really can't do a whole lot with - but I thought this was far more entertaining than anything they've done recently. I figured this could've been a vocal mess, but they pulled it off quite nicely. I didn't get though how some of the judges compared Emblem3 to Beatles. That's blasphemy!! 7/10 

04. Carly Rose Sonenclar
Your Song
Eh. While her vocals sounded divine, this was still a bit underwhelming especially at Carly Rose's caliber. Not a fan of the song choice, I didn't like the arrangement - she should've done the Moulin Rouge version for a change - and her phrasing, though interesting, felt forced. Somehow, she came off robotic, over rehearsed and bland. Plus, the staging didn't help her one bit especially the choir. This would've been better if she just kept it simple, stripped down with less vocal acrobatics. 7/10

03. Tate Stevens
I've never been a Tate fan, but this was actually really good. I thought that it was a great song choice, he performed it impressively well, and it's uptempo. I like that it wasn't boring like most of his other performances and he seemed like he was enjoying his time on stage. There's no doubt that country fans will eat this one up. 7.5/10

02. Fifth Harmony
True, the song choice seemed lazy - they performed this during the Judges Home - and singing it in Spanish in parts didn't add anything to the performance, but I really felt like they did great with it. I loved how much of their vocals were focused on - Camila's runs were impeccable - and the build up was quite interesting. The melody was decent, but everything else worked in their favor. Very nice. 8/10

01. Fifth Harmony
Anything Could Happen
THIS WAS THEIR MOMENT! Definitely the best performance they've had all season and the best of the night. I thought they all sounded flawless, their harmonies were spot on and the production was one of the best I've seen this season. I loved how they used the stage and with the boring same old songs we got tonight, this performance really stood out. Modern. Fun. Amazing. Maybe it's too little too late, but they pulled out all the stops in this episode and they're probably the most relevant out of the four. And good lord, HOLY BOW CAMILA. Haha. 9.5/10

Who should go home?
Who will go home?
Fifth Harmony
(I hope I'm wrong this time!)


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X said...

I hope you're wrong, too. Fifth Harmony blew everyone out of the water with their first performance of the night. It was...absolutely awesome. They've been one of my favorites since the beginning... unfortunately, I'm afraid they don't quite have the fan base that the others do.

That being said, I more or less agree with everything you said about everyone. Personally, I would rank Emblem3 a little higher and Tate a little lower (not sure if it's just because I don't like country, or what, but he seemed predictable and boring to me... where Emblem3, while not even close to the best vocalists and were also predictable, were at least somewhat fun, especially with Hey Jude).

Carly Rose had a bad night for all the reasons you gave, but she should be safe regardless (hopefully). I'm going to go ahead and blame Britney for the poor choices, especially with Imagine... that is one of those songs that should not be changed.

I would send either Emblem3 or Tate home. I think both will getting contracts regardless, so it doesn't really matter. And despite having a bad night, I still think Carly Rose deserves the win.

Anonymous said...

ITA Fifth harmony blew everyone out with a 123 punch! I am so glad emblem 3 is gone. They cute but let be honest...c'mon u know it's the truth.
Their vocals were off. Not everyone can sing they got great stage presence but that will only take you so far. No I haven't seen them play actually instruments except for strumming lightly the guitar my neighbors kids can do that. Tate I love him but he is playing it safe and this is not the time to hold back. Carly I love her but someone is giving her very bad advice. So saying that I hope for fifth harmony because of the effort they put in their performances.
thanks for looking

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