Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Voice 3: Top 6

Possibly the strongest Top 6 on The Voice EVER. I do appreciate the talent level of this group, even if some of them showed some wear and tear at this stage. I think they all have their strengths, but we will see how things will pan out at the end.

Now, have I ever mentioned how Christina Aguilera is absolutely insufferable in every feasible way? Yes, she gives valid criticisms, but there's a vibe she gives off when she doesn't really like someone. I mean, Adam Levine gives criticisms too but he does it in a way that doesn't seem condescending. I loved how Christina got slighted by Melanie to be honest. This is the same reason why I am happy Shakira will be in that seat next season. I'm over this b*tchy crap. Haha.

Anyway, recap after the jump! 

12. Trevin Hunte
Walking On Sunshine
KARAOKE HELL! Besides the obvious trainwreckness of this performance, there was also nothing remotely modern about this. It was pointless and it felt like it went nowhere. Oh, and I love the dancing, but for the wrong reasons. Can you just leave Javier? I mean, Jermaine? Yeah, Trevin. 4/10

11. Nicholas David
Groovy Jesus tried to be fun, but the whole performance was utterly underwhelming. Yes, September is a cool tune, but that is if you're in a wedding and the clock ticks past midnight. Plus, the vocals where not the best I've heard from Nicholas. The staging was pretty entertaining, but that's about it. Haha. 4.5/10

10. Terry McDermott
I Want To Know What Love Is
Terry's song choices drive me crazy!! Why not do something that could sound less dated and not 30 years old? This will NOT help him look like a relevant artist. His voice sounded tender and rich at the beginning, but when he went into his upper range his voice sounded strained and flat. The arrangement somehow made it work, but the song needed an orchestra as a piano and cello wouldn't be enough to create an impact. 5/10

09. Terry McDermott
Stay With Me
Let me just put it out there: Skylar Laine did WAY better than him, but Terry actually sounded slightly better with this song. It was still a bit dated for my taste and I didn't like that he returned to his usual old school rock performance, but he navigated that song particularly well. I just can't get into him because he just sings too many old songs. Good 80s cover band lead singer, but that's about it. Sorry. 5.5/10

08. Melanie Martinez
The Show
What was this? Sesame Street? Haha. This was seriously a good song choice for Melanie. It showed the quirky side to her that comes off so naturally and it was just within her vocal range. However, that staging was like watching a musical for little kids. It was too distracting and it made her come off as ditzy. She sounded better than her first performance, but the props was both annoying and entertaining. Haha. 6/10

07. Cassadee Pope
I'm With You
When Avril Lavigne sounds better than you do live, you should be worried. Haha. While I did think that Cassadee was earnest and committed to the song, I just didn't like this performance at all. It started off nice as it showcased that tender side of her voice, but when she went for those power notes, it was too shrill that I wanted to punch someone on the face. Some may argue that her high notes were on pitch, but to me, it doesn't matter when they start sounding like nails on a chalk board. Also, there was very little variation in her tone or nuance and she did nothing unique with the song that everything just fell flat. I don't know. 6/10 

06. Melanie Martinez
On paper, this should've worked, but somehow Melanie was unable to pull out her normal magic with this song. Maybe because she was terribly pitchy during the verses? Her vocals were uneven on this, but there were moments during this performance that was oddly compelling to watch. The staging was interesting, her phrasing was good, and I like some of the liberties she took with the melody. If only Melanie controlled her pitch more, this would've been an instant hit for her. 6.5/10

05. Nicholas David
Over The Rainbow
To be honest, I still don't know how I feel about this performance. I thought the first half was good but predictable, while the second half was weird but interesting. Haha. I somehow liked that he messed up with the melody to give the song a new twist, but he overdid it as it because completely unrecognizable. His voice sounded phenomenal, but it was just too perplexing for me. I digress. 7/10

04. Cassadee Pope
This worked better for Cassadee as I somehow didn't mind the shrillness of her voice on this song. She was sharp on some parts, but I thought she made some excellent choices at the end that gave variation to her monotonous tone and delivery. Umm, yeah. That's about it. Haha. Oh, and the push for Cassadee to win the show has now hit high gear. 7/10

03. Trevin Hunte
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
Yes, I have heard too many versions of this, so I'm a little desensitized - only word I can think to describe my emotions - but I can't deny the fact that this was a stellar vocal performance from Trevin. It didn't excite me the way Jessica Sanchez made me want to pull my hair from the pure awesomeness of her rendition, but this was better than what we've been getting from him lately. The arrangement was terrible though and the pacing was awful, but it ended with good enough power and I won't knock that at all. 7.5/10

02. Amanda Brown
Natural Woman
I wasn't crazy about the song choice at first, but she changed my mind after watching this. Amanda was awesome. I thought she belted the song wonderfully, her phrasing was spot on and her vocals were impeccable. I liked that she did just enough to the melody to make it, at the very least, sound less karaoke. To me, Amanda and maybe Melanie were a serious challenge to Cassadee's win, but whatever. 8/10

01. Amanda Brown
Here I Go Again
If there was any contestant this season that I would pay to see do a solo concert, it would be Amanda. She was the only one who made me feel like I was watching a real concert. Not only can she sing, she entertains. Granted that she was a bit off when she transitioned to her head voice, but everything else was just flawless. And yes, Amanda does connect very well with the audience. Good stuff. 8.5/10

Terry McDermott
Trevin Hunte


Anonymous said...

I personally thought Amanda was the one having pitch problems. But that's my personal opinion. I like Amanda, but she I wouldn't pay for her cd. I think I only bought one of her singles this whole season and that was Dream On, because that was most definitely her best performance. Well, that and Stars. Melanie is so adorable and I was sad to see her go. Next week we know the top 2 and I garuntee you that Cassadee Pope will be in it :D

DAM said...

Yeah, I did mention that she had some pitch issues, but that's due to the level of difficulty that she was doing with her vocal dynamics and filling up the stage. Something the others were unable to do.

I don't discount Cassadee. Heck, I think she'll win, but I digress.

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