Friday, December 21, 2012

X Factor US 2: Finale Results Show

After The Voice's unpredictable results two days ago, The X Factor US gave us possibly the most shocking result on reality singing competition EVER. Haha. Of course, I'm kidding. The result was annoyingly predictable - thanks to the weekly announcement of the rankings of acts. I admit, I have zero emotional investment on this show all season - it never actually mattered to me who won or lost - but just the same, I was hoping something fresh and new to come out of this show.

To be honest, I had high hopes for this season of X Factor. After last season's trainwreck with Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger on the panel and countless shocking eliminations, I figured that the show could NEVER get worse. Instead, we got Khloe Kardashan who's seriously more clueless in hosting than Britney Spear's judging. Haha. Speaking of Britney, she was interesting the first few weeks, but then became repetitive with a couple of shining moments especially last week's results show with her EPIC facial expressions. Haha.

Good thing, Demi Lovato was an upgrade from last season's judges. She maybe a little annoying at times - even childish - but that gives the show a sense of  fun next to the emotionless Spears and boring Reid. Simon Cowell was, well, Simon Cowell. Haha.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase! And the winner of The X Factor Season 2 is..

RESULTS after the jump!! 

Tate Stevens

2nd Place - Carly Rose Sonenclar
3rd Place - Fifth Harmony

It's such a shame that this season suddenly became a parody of itself. They wanted to be the more hip and fresh version of American Idol and yet they ended up with an old country singer, Tate Stevens. Heck, Scotty McCreery would cater to a more younger demo than Tate no?

That said, congrats to Tate! It'll be interesting to see how hard he gets promoted. He's in a genre with very loyal fans, but he's pretty generic so it will be hard for him to stand out among the dozens and dozens of more established and interesting country artists. I hope he becomes successful because the show needs one just like The Voice.


X said...

Ho hum finale. The top 3 finished just how I expected. I was really hoping for some performances by all the contestants, not just some Christmas tunes by the top 3... plus 2 performances by non-contestants (1 of which I fast-forwarded through... and only half-listened to One Direction while I was messing with my laptop).

The best part of stuff that came from yesterday was LA Reid apparently saying he WAS NOT RETURNING next season... very happy about that, haven't liked him at all since the beginning. Hoping that Briney and Kloe will follow.
Apparently, Demi has announced that she'll be back though... which is not a bad thing. She wasn't the best mentor, but she made a pretty good judge.

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