Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 24 Spoiler!!

It's that time of the year again! Just like last year, here's the spoilers for American Idol Season 11 Top 24.

So far, there are about 21 names in this list and we're still waiting for the last three (3) names to come out. So, for the next couple of days, I'll be filling out the list of the Final American Idol Season 10 Top 24. So, keep an eye on this post as I will be updating this very often!

Again, read at your own risk!! I warned you. If you want to be spoiled.. read on! If not.. go away!

TOP 24 LIST (Tentative)

Adam Brock
DeAndre Brackensick (AI10 GM)
Chase Likens
Colton Dixon (AI10 GM)
Reed Grim
Heejun Han
Jeremy Rosado
Joshua Ledet
Phillip Phillips
Aaron Sanders (AI7 GM & AI10 GM)

Baylie Brown (AI6 HW)
Hollie Cavanagh (AI10 GM)
Hallie Day
Jen Hirsh (AI9 HW)
Brielle Von Hugel (AI10 HW)
Haley Johnsen
Skylar Laine
Shannon Magrane
Erika Van Pelt
Jessica Sanchez (AGT)
Chelsea Sorrell (AI10 LV)
Elise Testone

*I wonder whatever happened to Colton Dixon.

HW = Hollywood Week
LV = Las Vegas Round
GM = Green Mile
AGT = America's Got Talent

Source: The Idol Pad


gamercado said...

that Jessica Sanchez girl is a FILIPINA... wow!


Yes. Jessica Sanches is Filipina! :)

Anonymous said...

there's an update!! Colton Dixon is in :D
and one spot left for the boys

VFTW Pinoy said...

Confusing! Vote for the Worst says Colton is out!

1. Aaron Marcellus Sanders
2. Adam Brock
3. Clayton Farhat
4. Creighton Fraker
5. DeAndre Brackensick
6. Eben Franckewitz
7. Heejun Han
8. Jeremy Rosado
9. Joshua Ledet
10. Phillip Phillips
11. Reed Grimm
#12 is either Caleb Johnson or Chase Likens

VFTW Pinoy said...

Rickey's version

Top 12 Males

1. Eben Franckewitz
2. Reed Grimm
3. Heejun Han (YES!)
4. Deandre Brackensick (YES!)
5. Aaron Marcellus Sanders
6. Adam Brock
7. Creighton Fraker (YES!)
8. Phillip Phillips (YES!)
9. Joshua Ledet
10. Jeremy Rosado
11. Colton Dixon (YES!)
12. Caleb Johnson OR Chase Likens

Anonymous said...

i want an all female top 12.. hahaha... with the exception for eben.. is it true that jessica sanchez made it? where did she auditioned?? yes another thia megia.. hopefully she will go far more than thia..


She auditioned in San Diego and they didn't show her audition. They just included her in the little "montage" of people who got a golden ticket. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the answer dam.. how about are there any female african amercan belters who made it to top 24?? im a huge fan of them.. vonzell and syesha in particular..

Anonymous said...

i love hollie cavanagh... so happy she returned how about the boy bedeaux??

X said...

Creighton Fraker? Really? I don't get it. Is he this year's Paul MacDonald? (ie horrible and has not business being in the competition.)

Also not really understanding the love for Colton Dixon. He was ok at best. I personally thought his sister was better... and I don't see her name anywhere.

Anonymous said...

haley, hollie and hallie! Nice names! I hope they make it in top 12/13!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was hoping the guy who sang Change is Gonna Come would be in.

holliefan said...

Go for Hollie Cavanagh and Philip Phillips!

holliefan said...

go for Hollie Cavanagh and Philip Phillips!.,,the best 2!

Anonymous said...

wow...I don't have any fav this season...pls don't tell me it's season 9 all over again! HeeJun & Philip2 are the guys to watch...but I hope a girl wins this year...too much testosterone on Idol for too many years!

Anonymous said...

LATE LATE LATE POST... ='( why are there no post for american idol yet???? been waiting like years...

danni said...

YAYYY Colton! I'm so glad he made it this year. :D

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