Thursday, May 16, 2013

American Idol 12: Final Thoughts and Prediction

I've said this before and I'll say it again, I seriously don't care who wins American Idol. I would be perfectly happy with seeing any of them taking the title tomorrow. They both have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses, but also possess the ability to be actual stars after the show.

I really went back and forth with this one. I mean, Candice Glover is a freak of nature. She just had one off week throughout the entire season - and it was perceived "off" just because she set the bar SO high for herself - and had showstoppers left and right in different genres. She had a STRONG last performance in the Finale that the casual voters would eat up, and I felt like she earned the American Idol just from the sheer consistency of her outstanding performances all season long.

HOWEVER, Kree Harrison seems more like the type American Idol viewers would go for. She checks the demographic box of American Idol and the country vote is a proven factor. Plus, a lot of prophecies, theories and trends as stupid, silly and shallow they may be that have stood for a long time and most of them point in her favor. The prophecy of KRISTY LEE COOK who auditioned in PHILADELPHIA is a fine example. Haha. Kree is like a conjunction of Kristy Lee. It's silly, but it's pretty much accurate - so far! The other naming quirk has also been 100% accurate to this season.

Conventional wisdom says, Kree Harrison will win just based on the demographics and whatnot, but based on overall body of work and tonight's performance, Candice Glover should win. In any case, I love them both and I think we have a great winner in our hands, but I'll go out on a limb and refer to my ranking prior to the Top 10 performance, and say that Kree Harrison is this year's American Idol. But again, I wouldn't be mad if Candice pull this off because she deserves it as well.

Oh, and one final thought. I know that I've been such an arse to Randy Jackson since I started blogging American Idol - and no, I won't take them back - but I seriously am feeling a bit sad to hear his last critique as an American Idol judge. He's the last remaining judge from the original panel and it's kind of surreal not to see him - despite his "non-senseness" - next season. That is all.

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