Friday, April 11, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 8 Redux Results Show

Malaya Watson. I think Malaya deserved to stay at the very least two more weeks, and still can’t, for the life of me, understand what people see in CJ Harris. He’s a great man, but he just can't sing in tune. Oh well. Malaya just lost this week. The moment she sang Chaka Khan's Through The Fire the countdown clock began and her days were numbered. It wasn't bad, but I didn't think it was accessible enough to trump the anomaly that is CJ Harris, who's already in the Final 7 without even singing a single song in tune. It's a bit frustrating because she's getting her groove back and she's undeniably the most improved since Runaway Baby. Sigh. I’m really going to miss Malaya's character and spirit.

Also, why did they announce just the Bottom 2? Could Sam Woolf be the third person and since they want to justify the save, they magically made it to just two people? Interesting.

Results after the jump!

Caleb Johnson
Jessica Meuse
Dexter Roberts
Alex Preston
Jena Irene
Sam Woolf

CJ Harris
Malaya Watson

Malaya Watson


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They shouldn't have put CJ via wildcard in the first place. Why cast another Alabaman when you already had Jessica and Dexter. Now, the Bama mafia is working and we might end up with an all-Alabaman finale. I would like Jessica to be in that finale though.

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