Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Voice 6: Top 10 Results Show

Nailed it! Part of me didn't want the other one gone, but I digress. Based from the sing-off, the right person got saved. But it's pretty interesting how, Shakira and Usher are now left with one contestant each and it felt like Season 4 all over again when Usher only had Michelle Chamuel and Shakira had Sasha Allen. Whoa!

Results after the jump!


Christina Grimmie
Sisaundra Lewis
Kristen Merlin
Josh Kaufman
Audra McLaughlin
Delvin Choice
Jake Worthington


Bria Kelly
Crazy On You
Blech. 3

Tess Boyer
Who Knew
This was another decent performance from Tess, and yes, that's not going to cut it. She needed something more fantastic than this safe number. I don't know. Did she give up? 6

Kat Perkins
Paris (Ooh La La)
Undoubtedly the stronger performance of the trio. Her vocals were spot on, she worked the stage REALLY well, and I felt like she did sing the hell out of the song just to save herself from elimination. Good for you, Kat. 7

Bria Kelly
Tess Boyer


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