Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Voice 6: Playoffs #TeamUsher

I initially thought Usher had the best team coming into the Playoffs, but now that he's down to his Final 3, I genuinely think that Shakira and Blake somehow managed to build stronger teams coming into the Live Rounds. But again, what do I know. Again, let's see how things will pan out come next week.

On with the performances!

05. Stevie Jo
The Thrill Is Gone
I've been a fan of Stevie Jo since his Blind Auditions and I just didn't think he'd falter in probably the most crucial round of the competition. I don't know. Maybe it was nerves or something else, but this was vocally a mess especially towards the end and as much as I wanted to like his performance, it was just completely underwhelming. I don't think the song suited his style and the arrangement kept on having him repeat the same line over and over again. Such a shame. 5

04. Bria Kelly
Wild Horses
I admit, when I heard her sing something softer than usual - despite struggling in some parts - I was compelled to watch her be subtle and just let her voice be front and center, but not completely overpowering the actual essence of the song. I figured it was the best she's ever sounded. But when she decided that it was in her best interest to shout at us with full on rasp, I just got annoyed. Oh, and she didn't play the guitar and fake strummed a few chords at the beginning. 6.5

03. Melissa Jimenez
This was like just on the edge of good and bad. Haha. Ok. Melissa's version of Halo wasn't great - it's a hard song to sing to begin with - but her vocals were mostly spot on. There's a good amount of dynamics and her tone worked with the song choice. I thought the performance was more brave than great - if that makes sense - but I digress. 6.5

02. TJ Wilkins
Tell Me Something Good
To be honest, I don't have a damn to give for TJ - he's just cannon fodder to me - but his take on Tell Me Something Good was actually, umm, good. His melodic choices were refreshing especially the scatting, his falsetto was solid, and there's dynamics. Yes, his tone was bit on the thin side, but I didn't mind. 7.5

01. Josh Kaufman
It Will Rain
Fantastic transitions. Gorgeous tone. Outstanding vocals. Enough said. 8.5

Bria Kelly
Josh Kaufman
TJ Wilkins


Joker said...

Damn!! I was praying for Melissa to get through. Why TJ? I found his style to be a bit resemblance to Delvin or even his teammate Josh. Sigh :/

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