Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Voice 6: Playoffs #TeamShakira

Coming into the Playoffs, I figured that Shakira had the weakest team and she clearly sabotaged herself when she slowly eliminated the more interesting artists in her group, but somehow there's actually a method to her madness no? Yes, Team Shakira ended up being better than I thought. Who knew?

On with the performances!

05. Deja Hall
Eh. Why pick this song? Her voice sounded so sweet when the song demanded so much power and force to actually work. She had zero stage presence and she was overpowered by the band for most of her performance. Sad. 4

04. Patrick Thomson
I completely zoned out through most of his performance. Don't get me wrong, he has an interesting tone, but it got a bit too much as he went on singing. 5

03. Kristen Merlin
Two Black Cadillacs
This wasn't bad, but pretty uneventful. I also wasn't crazy with her tone especially on that chorus. Maybe on a different song, she would've sounded a lot better, but not on this one. 5.5

02. Dani Moz
Edge Of Glory
HOLY CRAP! I admit, I severely underrated Dani, and while words cannot describe how much I'm done with this song, this was pretty fantastic. The arrangement worked well with her voice and the way she phrased her verses were sublime. Oh, and that high note towards the end sounded glorious. 8.5

01. Tess Boyer
Not exactly a fan of this song, but her version was very impressive. Her lower register sounded terrific, and when she hit those high notes, my jaw just dropped. Why did Adam and Usher eliminated this girl? I just love dark horses like her. 8.5

Tess Boyer
Kristen Merlin
Dani Moz


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