Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Voice 6: Playoffs #TeamBlake

Finally! We're done with the Battle Rounds! Haha. I'm NEVER a big fan of that round because it makes some singers get obnoxious with oversinging and I like contestants who shine on their own and not when sharing a song with a competitor. Oh, and who's idea was it to do a second round of Battles? Ugh.

But I digress. The Playoffs are here and it's time for them to really showcase their full potential. Now, I admit, I'm not usually fond of Team Blake, but he somehow managed to build a fairly strong team this season and the people who are going through to the live rounds are pretty solid. Let's see how they'll stack up with the rest of the team.

On with the performances!

5. Ryan Whyte Maloney
Second Chance
This wasn't bad, but I genuinely didn't care for this performance. The charisma was sorely lacking, his vocals were good, but lackluster, and I just don't see it happening for him. Sorry. 5

4. Madilyn Paige
Damn! Why this song? I've been rooting for Madilyn since her Blind Audition, but this was absolutely a wrong song for her. The entire set up was just way too much for her. The only way Clarity will work is if she changed the arrangement to something more softer as the upbeat and techno feel to the song does not translate well unless you have a fantastic range. To be fair, she did better than I expected, but this was underwhelming. 5.5

3. Jake Worthington
Anywhere With You
ZzzZz. Haha. Jake sounded good, I thought he improved a lot, and he's endearing, but I just couldn't get myself to join his bandwagon. It's a matter of taste obviously and I know he now has a relatively strong fan base, so I hope Blake coaches him well. He'll do wonders for his team.

2. Sisaundra Lewis
A New York State Of Mind
Sisaundra is as exciting to me as Judith Hill was. And no, that's not a compliment. Haha. Yes, she has a good technical singing voice with a spectacular vocal range, but she's WAY too polished for me to take her seriously. I want to see growth in these contestants musically and I don't think I'll ever see that in her. Again, Sisaundra's crazy good and I think we'll be seeing her for a long time this season, I just don't think she'll win. 8

1. Audra McLaughlin
A Broken Wing
This was pretty impressive. She didn't do much with the arrangement and the way she navigated the song almost sounded like the original, but there's a sensitivity to her rendition. Her pitch was spot on, there's power to her delivery but also quite dynamic, great modulation, and despite the overdone song choice, I thought she nailed it. 8

Sisaundra Lewis
Audra McLaughlin
Jake Worthington


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