Friday, April 4, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 8 Results Show

Sam Woolf. You're lucky the judges saved you, but to be honest, that's just about fine with me because I'll be annoyed if he get eliminated before CJ Harris and Dexter Roberts. Majesty went home already before them already! Enough. That said, I'm scared for Jena Irene, Jessica Meuse and Malaya Watson. They need to step up or they'll be bumped out by the country boys.

Results after the jump!

Dexter Roberts
Jena Irene
Caleb Johnson
Jessica Meuse
Alex Preston

CJ Harris 
Malaya Watson

Sam Woolf - SAVED


Anonymous said...

Im fine with the save being used on Sam only because of his crystal clear voice. He needs to connect on his future performances though if he wants to be on the finale. But I can only see him being top 3 max. It's ok for me if he can just beat the Bama boys and make the top 5 at the very least. Jess is the only contender I want to make it to top 5 among the Alabama natives.

Anonymous said...

Those Alabama boys must go. The remaining girls should fight for their lives in their upcoming performances.

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