Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Voice 6: Playoffs #TeamAdam

I'm baffled. Adam usually gets the best singers every season - until he screws them up with his song choices and mentoring - but somehow, that's not happening this season. Sure, he still one of the most hyped contestants with Christina Grimmie, but she's just exactly that, pure hype. Let's see how things will pan out after the Playoffs.

On to the performances!

05. Morgan Wallen
Look, Morgan's got a ton of potential and the way he tackled Stay started off pretty good, but he needs to have variety and play with vocal dynamics during his performances. This one had way too much rasp that it eventually got distracting. 5

04. Christina Grimmie
I Won't Give Up
Huh? She sounded shrill! Yes, her tender moments during the first verse were lovely, but when she went on to hit those high notes, there's a cutting tone to her voice that was almost irritating to my ears. It's nasal and shrill, and those two words aren't exactly the best combination. 5.5

03. Jake Barker
She Will Be Love
His voice sounded a bit strained in parts and some of his falsetto weren't as spot on as I hoped, but he did a couple of different things with his voice during the performance that got me excited. Yes, vocally, Jake's obviously not the strongest, but there's something about his voice that's very interesting. 6

02. Kat Perkins
Open Arms
Pick better songs next time, Kat! Good thing, there were some lovely moments during that performance and her vocal dynamics were pretty good that I somehow didn't mind the awful song choice. 7

01. Delvin Choice
Let's Stay Together
There's something about Delvin's voice that's pretty compelling. It has that throwback vibe and his notes just flowed nicely. His transitions were flawless, and some of the vocal flourishes made were really good. I'm not exactly a fan and his style may not be my cup of tea, but he's good. 7.5

Christina Grimmie
Delvin Choice
Kat Perkins


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