Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Voice 6: Top 10

Yes, this was, yet again, another strong performance night for the voice. I didn't expect much this week as I felt like all of them did good last week that there's no way some of them could pull off a back-to-back solid performances, but a couple of them actually did prove me wrong. It was a pretty entertaining night, and I'm looking forward to next week. Ha!

Let's get on with the performances!

10. Bria Kelly
I'm With You
Yikes! This was like listening to a gargling noise. There's a bleat to hear voice that's absolutely atrocious, her vibrato was way out of control, and her pitch was off for most of the song. She started off well, but as soon as she hit the chorus, she just struggled and never really recovered. This was brutal. 3

09. Jake Worthington
While I'm not exactly a fan of country music in general, I do like Jake's tone and he probably has one of the most radio ready voices in the competition. That said, this didn't do him any favor. His delivery was incredibly monotonous, he was flat in parts, and his diction was pretty terrible. The beauty of this though, fortunately or unfortunately, is that it doesn't really matter no? Haha. 5

08. Kat Perkins
There's nothing wrong with Kat's version of Landslide. In fact, it was really  nice to hear her sing something a lot softer than usual. Her vocals were mostly on point. However, her rendition was too similar to the original that it almost sounded karaoke. She did change up a bit towards the end, but given her competition, it's just not enough. 6

07. Audra McLaughlin
You Lie
Audra infused a good amount of dynamics to her soaring vocals, which made her take on Reba's You Lie quite good, but I found her diction to be a bit disappointing. She was mumbling some of her words especially during the verses that somehow downgraded the overall impact of her performance. Her tone sounded gorgeous though, I'll give her that. 7

06. Josh Kaufman
This Is It
Why Usher, Why? I don't know. He managed to hit Top 5 on iTunes last week with a very current song, and somehow Usher decided to do the complete opposite. Makes sense no? Haha. Sure, Josh still sounded good and his tone gave the performance a lot more dynamics than I expected, but the song choice was just too lame that it just didn't go anywhere. I don't think this will hurt him this week, but he needs to be more consistent after this performance. 7.5

05. Tess Boyer
Ain't It Fun
Such a shame. Tess' rendition of Ain't It Fun wasn't bad. I actually thought she sounded fantastic throughout the number, but this wasn't the best song for her to get to next week especially after placing in the Bottom 3 last week. The song, while current, showcased NOTHING more than what we've seen of her. Plus, she didn't bring any energy to it, which made it a little tentative in parts. But again, she sounded awesome. 7.5

04. Sisaundra Lewis
Oh Sherrie
This was, yet again, another loud - very loud - performance from Sisaundra, but I liked that she did something more upbeat, and it was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. There's swagger to her delivery, the glory note at the end was fabulous, and she looked like she was genuinely having fun. So whole this was technically more of the same, it was still pretty good. 8

03. Kristen Merlin
Let Her Go
If Ellen DeGeneres and Tintin has a love child, Kristen should be it no? Haha. Kidding aside, I thought this was again another solid outing from Kristen. There's a purity and rawness to her tone that's very appealing to listen to, and there's also power that's spot on. I honestly didn't think she'll last long - most of her performances prior to the Playoffs were montaged - but she's starting to prove her worth. Very nice. 8

02. Delvin Choice
Bright Lights
Very pleasantly surprised with Delvin's performance of Bright Lights. Look, this was a pretty obscure song choice - and not exactly the most current in the bunch - but the way he worked his way in navigating the song from the arrangement to the melodic choices he took was quite terrific. There's blues, rock, and funk infused in her performance, and it was pretty riveting to watch. 8

01. Christina Grimmie
Hold On, We're Going Home
HOLY CRAP! I've been completely ambivalent to her before the Live Shows, but this was absolutely stunning! The first half was gorgeous, and when she took it up a notch, it was game over. Fantabulous! 9.5

Bria Kelly
Tess Boyer


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