Sunday, November 2, 2014

Movie Review: Beauty In A Bottle

Beauty In A Bottle was quite a riot. I seriously wasn't expecting much other than a trite premise, but the overall effect of the film was hysterical. The writing was spot on, the storyline was executed well, and the cast was fantastic. All gave solid, believable, and occasionally completely over the top performances with particular standout Angelica Panganiban. I wasn't sure if her brand of comedy could sustain her part in the film, but she blew me away. Not only was she consistently funny and had an excellent comedic flair, but she also gave her character some great dynamics and dimensions. The humor of the movie was uneven though as some of it lasted too long that the effect wore off fast, especially in Assunta's story, but I digress. It's not epic. It's not revolutionary. It's not groundbreaking. It's not perfect. However, Beauty In A Bottle, on it's own, was one great piece of entertainment. Oh, and what was Belo thinking when she sponsored a movie that made a complete mockery of her brand? Haha. 7


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