Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Voice 7: Playoffs #TeamAdam

At first, I really thought Adam had one of the better teams this season, but something just didn't connect. I don't know. Most of them had fantastic song choices, but that didn't translate much to the actual performances. To me, there were only two people who delivered solid performances - although the other one was just due to the song choice itself.

On with the show!

05. Damien
I'm Not The Only One
The moment he said that he'll sing from a sad place, I was ready for him to cry. AGAIN. Ha. Look, Damien has a fantastic voice, but even with him singing this Sam Smith hit didn't make him sound current. I didn't like the liberties he took with all his runs, and it was boring. 5

04. Mia Pfirrman
Young And Beautiful
Showboat! She was definitely emoting the song, but there's something hollow about her performance.  Don't get me wrong. Her vocals were fine and the notes she threw were pretty good - in fact, she gave the kind of performance that goes big on reality singing shows in general - but it felt more like showing off what she can do than actually feeling the music. If that makes sense. 5

03. Chris Jamison
Ed Sheeran makes this song sound and look easy, no? Chris got a LOT of potential, but this was the wrong song for him. Yes, it's very current, but when the song was almost like rapping, then there's nothing for him to really showcase here other than an impressive breath control, which he also failed. 5.5

02. Taylor Phelan
Cool Kids
Taylor and his vests! Haha. Ok, this was nice and I liked that he brought some nice energy to the show, but there was nothing special about this one. 6.5

01. Matt McAndrews
God Only Knows
Possibly one of the better performances of the night. This song depends mostly on harmonies, so I was a bit skeptical that he was given this song, but he pulled it off quite nicely. He had great stage presence, his transitions were seamless, and his voice sounded perfect on the song. 7.5


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