Sunday, November 2, 2014

X Factor UK 11 : Top 11

After an awfully weak episode last week, I seriously didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. Almost everyone improved and most of the song choices gave each one a chance to rise above the challenge of performing something out of their comfort zones. I'm pleasantly surprised with some of the performances.

Oh, and the twist was rather strange though.

On with the show!

11. Jack Walton
Bleeding Love
Too big of a song for a voice so limited.

10. Stevi Ritchie
Music Of The Night
A+ for effort. D- for vocals. 

09. Lola Saunders
A definite improvement from last week, but her pitch was still uneven for the most part. She looked more confident though. 

08. Lauren Platt
Dark Horse
She looked uncomfortable, and oddly, her voice sounded weak compared to Katy Perry (!!!).

07. Paul Akister
Bat Out Of Hell
Decent. Nothing special. 

06. Stereo Kicks
This performance will NEVER be complete without those iconic dance moves. So..

05. Andrea Faustini
Relight My Fire
What have they done to the Italian teddy bear? His vocals were on point, but those horns..

04. Jay James
Mad World
Shaky start. Fantastic arrangement. Incredible final half. 

03. Fleur East
True, the dancing was better than the singing, but this was awesomely entertaining. 

02. Only The Young
The Monster Mash
Their best performance yet! The vocals of the boys were good, but I'm still not a fan of the blonde's squeaky tone. 

01. Ben Haenow
Highway To Hell
Solid rock vocals with a strong grit to pull off this incredibly hard song to sing. Good job.

On the weird twist: Jack Walton got the lowest votes and was eliminated from the competition.


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