Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Voice 7: Playoffs #TeamGwen

Unlike Pharrell, I had my reservations with Gwen as a coach, but she has really proven herself to be a good one. I was seriously expecting her team to be composed of straight up cannon fodders until today. Her group was relatively stronger than the rest of the competition. We'll see if she can pull it off.

On with the show!

05. Bryana Salaz
While I appreciated the song choice - really, I do - the song just didn't go anywhere. Plus, she had issues with her pitch and her voice sounded thin towards the end. Bryana has A LOT of potential - she reminds me of a less annoying Jacquie Lee - and she had moments during the performance, but with a strong team, she needed to standout. 6.5

04. Ricky Manning
Lay Me Down
I enjoyed Ricky during The Knockouts, and while this was a great song, I didn't think it was the best choice for him. Yes, his connection to the song was terrific, but his falsetto was just weak. He started off pretty shaky as well. Like Bryana, he has a lot of potential, but I hope that if he advances, he'd get songs that fit his range. 6.5

03. Ryan Sill
I Lived
What's working against Ryan at this point is the fact that Ricky Manning is also part of Team Gwen. They're basically identical. But what worked for Ryan is the fact that he was less bland during this performance and he improved massively. His stage presence was good, and he's got great pitch.

02. Taylor John Williams
Stuck In The Middle Of You
True, he did make this song sound moody as hell, but I thought the arrangement was genius and I liked that he made this song sound really current. His a very charismatic performer and his vocals were pretty good. 7.5

01. Anita Antoinette
All About That Bass
Fun! She may not have the best vocals, but her presence made up for it. I was just smitten. Her personality was a perfect fit for the song, and the little touch of reggae was interesting. Very nice. 7.5


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