Monday, November 10, 2014

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

With an engrossing plot, awesomely lovable characters, genuine humor, and a sharp social message, Big Hero 6 fired on all cylinders with great visual impact and stunning animation. True, some of the characters appeared formulaic and underdeveloped and things got slightly chaotic especially towards the end, but there was something about that film that made all of that forgivable. The pacing was handled well, the humor was wacky, but substantial and never lowbrow, and the voice acting was really good. Visually, the animation and rending were gorgeous, and the technical achievement on this film was stunning with some fantastic set pieces. Plus, Baymax's character design was probably one of Disney's best works in recent memory. Big Hero 6 wasn't perfect, but this was possibly the most enjoyable animated film I've seen this year. If you like your entertainment filled with sophisticated humor, great characters, stunning animation and warmth then this delivers. 9


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