Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Voice 7: The Knockouts Part 3

Well, that was fast. Haha. Tonight, The Knockouts are done and a couple of people delivered some interesting performances, and yes, I finally agree with some of the coaches' decisions. Sigh. This season is turning out to be a weak one and I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to enjoy the show when the Live Show starts. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see.

On with the show!


Allison Bray
Sin Wagon
Not a fan of the song. Her vocals were fine, but I don't the song gave her the opportunity to showcase the full potential of her voice. 

Taylor Brashears
Lovely tone. Beautiful phrasing. Overdone song. Good job.

WINNER: Taylor Brashears



Ryan Sill
Miss Independent
There's a natural rhythm to his voice that's quite impressive, and his transitions were seamless. He seemed a little awkward on stage though, but that's something he can fix overtime.

Beth Spangler
Too Little Too Late
She started off pretty strong, but the ending was a rough. Her voice sounded thin and shrill especially when she started hitting the high notes. 

WINNER: Ryan Sill



Menlik Zergabachew
Could You Be Loved
Solid. His tone sounded fantastic, the song choice was spot on, and there's a confidence to his delivery that's interesting to watch.

Jean Kelley
While her verses sounded a tad breathy, the overall effect of the performance was terrific. I thought the quieter arrangement worked well in her favor and the build up to the big chorus added a great deal of dynamics.

WINNER: Jean Kelley



Chris Jamison
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
He's probably one of the more stand out contestants this season, and while this was a pretty version, the whole performance felt a little underwhelming. Plus, his falsetto was shaky.

Blessing Offor
Your Body Is A Wonderland
Sure, I appreciated the effort to actually make this John Mayer song his own, but he made the ditty sound old school. His voice sounded strong though.

WINNER: Chris Jamison



Reagan James
Hit 'Em Up Style
She has ton of charisma and stage presence, but her vocals were uneven especially towards the end and I couldn't understand any of her words. Move over, Ariana Grande!

Grant Ganzer

WINNER: Reagan James



Anita Antoinette
Her vocals were choppy and I'm not sure if it's her technique or just the song, but there was something wrong with her syncopation, but I digress. At least she was entertaining.

Craig Wayne Boyd
Can't You See
He actually sounded pretty fine, and I can actually see him headlining his own show. Nice.

WINNER: Anita Antoinette
STEAL: Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake)


Oh, and whatever Matt McAndrew did to be montaged at this stage of the competition. Was this the first?


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