Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Voice 7: Playoffs #TeamPharrell

I was loving Pharrell on the show during the Blind Auditions, but he's turning out to be a dud. Seriously. His favoritism during the Knockouts was apparent and his song choices now were horrid. I really thought Cee Lo Green was the worst coach in terms of song choices until we had Pharrell. But let's see next week if things will improve.

On with the show!

05. Sugar Joans
I Say A Little Prayer
This was so bad, I was begging for her stop. Haha. 4

04. Jean Kelley
Piano In The Dark
Not even close to her Chandelier performance during The Knockouts. Her facial expressions were overwrought, her vocals were all over the place, and she dragged her phrases too much to add drama that it sounded like she was behind the music. 4.5

03. DaNica Shirey
Help Me
I felt nothing. Yes, DaNica has a terrific voice, but this sounded really dated with a lot of unnecessary vocal runs. She didn't connect with the material, and it was just completely boring. 5.5

02. Luke Wade
Let's Get It On
He's an awesome performer with a fantastic voice, but this was a bad song choice - an overdone timeless classic. He did the best he can with the song, but he needed something else to separate himself from the rest that covered this song already. Sadly, he didn't. 6.5

01. Elyjuh Rene
I seriously wasn't expecting much from him - after his catastrophic Knockouts performance - but this was actually good. Minus the fact that he did sound calculated in parts, his runs were mostly on point and the arrangement worked to his advantage. It never built to where I wanted, but I digress. 7.5


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