Saturday, April 24, 2010

American Idol 9: Tim Urban Visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Tim Urban dropped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show and chat about his run on Idol and perform Hallelujah.

That was such a charming interview, I really enjoy the way his positivity makes me feel included rather excluded. He doesn’t come across like someone blindly optimistic, but someone who has made a conscious choice to be happy. I love that idea. To be honest, I feel deflated since Tim left. I did not imagine he would win, but I was hoping he can stay as long as possible to have some good runs. Oh well.

Video after the jump!!


Leyton Rhys said...

I'm glad people have come around and gotten on the Tim train while it lasted. Although he wasn't the most talented singer/artist, he was a good contestant for this show.

damthenation said...

yes. i became a fan of Tim Urban. :)

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