Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DAM NATION has been deleted

My old blog, http://damthenation.blogspot.com, has been hacked and deleted! I don't know how but it's all gone! Everything! Geez. So I need to start from scratch. I don't have any back up filed of everything. I'll try my best to rebuild my site and hopefully, all ends well.

Welcome to the new DAM NATION!


giv said...

you're fast! posting maniac! waiting for your "who sang it better" posts. :)

as i've said.. getting hacked is a sign of popularity! congrats! hahaha!

damthenation said...

ugh. good thing, i have my notepads here. at least somehow i know what i said during their performances. hay. here's hoping my password is strong enough not to be hacked.

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