Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol 9: Top 9 Redux Results Show

Andrew Garcia. Well, I'm glad he's in great spirits after getting eliminated. To be perfectly honest, if you had told me during Hollywood Week that Andrew Garcia would finish 9th place on American Idol I would have thought it would have been the biggest travesty on American Idol History. Well, we all saw what happened, didn’t we? I mean, Andrew seriously suffered from severe expectations that doomed his run from the start. During Top 24 week, he tried to be creative and served up an acoustic Fall Out Boy cover that Simon immediately threw back in his face and it was at that moment that I realized something was wrong. Really. If Simon had praised that performance, we might have seen Garcia stick to his acoustic track and feel confident about his abilities, but then confusion set in and it was too late. Too bad.

Katie Stevens. I was so sorry to see Katie go because she was so darn earnest and I felt bad that she cried. To me, Katie is the most improved contestant this season and she was just starting to grow and come into her own. I feel like Aaron is more out of his depth than she actually is. I really pegged her as very rough around the edges in the beginning but good enough to remain competitive by picking great songs - as seen in the week when Mike was eliminated - and someone who could gain extreme momentum. Oh well, Katie should hold her head up high because she left on a very good note. 

Wow. So, the two original front-runners were eliminated tonight! Very interesting. They were the two original frontrunners during Hollywood week and they both seemed to hit a wall once they made it to the semi-finals. I don't know why but the idea of Katie - and maybe Andrew - makes me sad. Now, we are left with 2 girls and 5 boys. Geez. So much for the year of the girl!

Now, what if Mike hadn’t been saved?  He would have been eliminated at 9. Maybe Andrew would have gone at 8.  Katie would have made it to at least 7. Hm. I really don’t like the save!!

Anyway, here are some observations and comments about this week's double elimination results show:
  • So tell me, did Ryan get a good night’s sleep last night? Spare me from your craziness Seacrest. Ha.
  • Oh look! The fake drama save montage! Haha. Well, the opening montage made it look like this show was actually exciting. Show you can do anything with editing and music.
  • Over 34 million votes last night. Is that the first time they gave the numbers?
  • Elvis Medley. Yay! Their "singing" made me laugh and the lip syncing was so bad it's almost addicting. Group numbers, please never change! Haha.
  • Ford, why would I want to buy one of your cars if it spontaneously turns into a mound of dirt? That's just stupid.
  • Lee looked devastated when Andrew got eliminated.
  • Idol Gives Back footage with Kara DioGuardi and Elliott Yamin is so touching. Awww. Honestly, I can't see Paula Abdul going to Africa and being as hands on as Kara DioGuardi was.
  • OMG Justin Gaston wants a SINGING career? Seriously. This is not good! Well, at least on Justin's part.
  • I feel bad that Brooke White got stuck with this dude because Simon Fuller is trying to push the stupid web series pretty much no one cares about. Gah.
  • Oh and "It’s available for free on iTunes." Wait, it’s available for free? I’ll have to think about thinking about downloading it. You know... if I have time. Haha.
  • OMG! Alicia Keys as mentor next week! I love that!
  • LOL at Adam Lambert making his song, Whataya Want From Me, so dramatic. That opening gave me a headache. Haha. 
  • OK. So I'm not a fan of that intro - or this whole performance really. I've seen him sing so much better than this. His vocal sounds really strained. To me, it's a better visual performance than musical performance.
  • Crystal and Siobhan really love themselves some Katie Stevens. Poor girls

Andrew Garcia
Katie Stevens

Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Crystal Bowersox
Siobhan Magnus
Lee Dewyze
Tim Urban
Michael Lynche


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