Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glee Season 1: The Power of Madonna Episode Review

The Power Of Madonna
Season 1, Episode 15

Wow! This was a great, solid episode. Everything about it was just pure entertainment. Well, I guess Glee got it’s groove back.

I wouldn't rate this as one of the best, just because I want to save doing that for absolutely amazing ones from here on out. But I thought this episode was better than last week's Hell-O.  I mean, this episode somehow felt too gimmicky as they found out they could use Madonna’s song, and built an episode around it. But pretty much everything was brilliantly done.

I thought Express Yourself was brilliant, and VERY sexy, and I wish I could have seen more of it. The Borderline/Open Your Heart mash-up was also really cute, but it was kind of random. The best part of it was the end, when Finn and Rachel were looking at each other all obviously smitten. Served its purpose in showing that they're still attracted to each other.

Vogue, on the other hand, was kind of off-putting seeing it in the episode as it was also very random but I thought it was hilariously done. Like A Virgin, however, was tasteful but when Will was sliding up on Emma and Finn puts his face in Santana's you-know-what, I about died! Haha. It didn't scream Family Show for a minute there. Haha.

Four Minutes by Kurt, Mercedes and the Cheerios was amazing! I thought the choreography for that number was spectacular. Seriously. To me though, I'd say Like A Prayer was the best number of the night and epic was not a strong enough word to describe this number. Only wish they've done the whole song though.

Oh, and Jesse screams trouble to me!! I like it!

My favorite one liner this week goes to Brittany (of course!), "Mr. Shue, is he your son?" Haha. Hilarious!

Next week looks crazy good!!

Download the songs HERE.


Leyton Rhys said...

I'm glad you're reviewing Glee. Brittany is the best!

Dolphins are just gay sharks.

damthenation said...

I am. I also did an episode review of Hell-O. Haha. Brittany is my favorite character in Glee. Her one liners are EPIC!

Joyceee said...

hahaha i wanna be like brittan. she's my idol. lol

one thought tho: i'm kinda not sold on how they weaved in Madonna into the episode.

I love the Like a Virgin part, sexy, well sung and... ___ insert more adjectives. :P

And the last number, too.

I'm a rachel-jesse fan. Finn can't sing AND dance. too bad, jesse's a drama queen. haha

damthenation said...

Britanny is pure love to me. Haha.

And yeah, it's more like they just built an episode around it because they already got the rights to perform her songs.

But I kind of like Jesse as Rachel's new thing. But I like Finn. Finn's awkwardness works for the show. Of course he can sing and I like his tone. As for the dancing, I'm all good with it. :)

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