Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AMERICAN IDOL COUNTDOWN: 15 Best 'Idol' Album Covers

More often than not, performers express the visual dimension of their music through their album covers. Every Idol fan, or music fan in general, has his/her favorites, but a couple of covers stand out for their brilliance, their impact and their ability to make as much of a statement as the music they represent. The key is also to stand out on the shelf. Most album covers these days don’t. 

Anyway, this list is going to be very subjective as an album cover that’s appealing to one may appear to be less than appealing to another. Believe all you want, but I tried my hardest to be very objective with this list though – no favoritism, I think. My methods aren’t scientific, but I do take things like gorgeousness into account. Haha. 

Here are my 15 Best American Idol Album Covers! 

15. Kellie Pickler
Kellie Pickler (2008)

14. Chris Daughtry
Daughtry ( 2006)

13. Carrie Underwood
Some Hearts (2005)

12. Jon Peter Lewis
Break The Silence (2008)

11. Katharine McPhee
Katharine McPhee (2007)

10. Allison Iraheta
Just Like You (2009)

09. Carly Smithson (We Are The Fallen band)
Tear The World Down (2010)

08. Fantasia Barrino
Fantasia (2006)

07. Kris Allen
Kris Allen (2009)

06. Taylor Hicks
Taylor Hicks (2006)

05. Jason Castro
Jason Castro (2010)

04. Carrie Underwood
Play On (2009)

03. John Stevens
Red (2005)

02. Melinda Doolittle
Coming Back To You (2009)

01. Kelly Clarkson
My December (2007)


Jeff said...

do the worst next time.. top of the list must be Lambert's Let Me Entertain You! ;)

damthenation said...

Believe me, there are other cover album worst than that. But of course, Lambert's will be up there. Haha.

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