Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol 9: Top 10

Excuse me while I die! Ha.

Simon: You're a country singer!
Kara: You're an R&B singer!
Randy: You're a pop singer with a touch of R&B!
Ellen: I like your earrings!

That right there sums up the whole season!

To be honest, I’ve decided to cut the Idols some slack this week as I thought that the sudden theme change, for whatever reason, probably injected some chaos into the rhythm of last week’s preparation for the live show. So, I’m choosing to believe that things are back to normal this week.

Well, the show was definitely better than last week, but that's not saying much I think.

Seriously. Did I just watch American Idol or some alternate universe? This show was getting so awkward and weird, I couldn't stand it! It was a bleepin' mess! It had all the weird shenanigans and backstage drama. Good thing, this week had some great moments!

Ryan, however, is getting on my last nerve. Seriously. I just want to go on that stage and spear him if he pulls one more Paula-ism. Geez. He acted like a pompous ass a la Simon Cowell. Geez.

As for Usher, I thought he was a very serious mentor. Thank you for not wasting our time! He needs to realize though that sunglasses are an accessory. Haha.

Here we go!

10. Didi Benami
What Becomes Of A Broken Hearted
What the hell happened to the Didi that plays guitar and sounds contemporary? Did she quit the show? To me, this was a wrong song choice! I liked that she changed the arrangement but everything else just didn't work in this performance. It wasn't that the vocals were particularly bad, everything just felt forced and there was no soul involved. Major props to Didi though for having the class to not pull out her sob story for votes. And Ryan, back off!! Respect the fact that this girl does not want to try for sympathy votes by retelling her backstory. Geez.

09. Tim Urban
Sweet Love
Crazy eyes anyone? Haha. Vocally, this was one of Tim's best performance to date. I mean, he clearly knows his limitations and it was highlighted here as he went all soft when a note was out of his normal range. Smart eh? That said, he obviously brought nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to this song. No emotion whatsoever and he just performed it straightforward with his deer-in-headlights expressions. To me, Tim just embodies corniness. Haha. Oh, and Simon's comment about him was like Sanjaya all over again! Thank you Simon for summing up why this show is now becoming a sick joke.

08. Siobhan Magnus
Through The Fire
This was not particularly good. Now, I will give here a few points for picking the most difficult song of the night, but something must have happened because she obviously struggled a lot more than usual. Some parts were okay but when she tried to go too high during the chorus without belting, it sounded like it was above her register. Sure, when she went for the high notes, she didn't screech and held it together, but she didn't necessarily nailed the notes either. It was just the wrong song choice - one better have a damn awesome vocal control to pull this one off. Poor Siobhan. The judges were on a rampage! They were trying to kill some time by dragging out her critiques even more. Stop it judges, have mercy! Don’t do filler this way!

07. Aaron Kelly
Ain't No Sunshine
Cue uproar from Kris Allen fans! Haha. I kind of want to hurt Aaron for doing that song, but he’s like an adorable puppy so I can’t. But SERIOUSLY? Kris Allen's performance of this song was so stellar that he actually had two Idol moments during his season with that one song. Come on! I know (I know, I know, I know) he sounded pretty good singing in front of Usher, but he was too nasally and kind of goatie on the Idol stage. When he was singing some parts of the song his voice sounded like it was vibrating around the note that he was supposed to be singing. I don't know. To me, he's just too young and immature to connect with these songs.

06. Casey James
Hold On I'm Coming
How can you be bored by a decent uptempo performance? Watch Casey James! Haha. Frankly, Casey sounds the same and bores me to death every week. Yes. He didn't sound bad but it was a genuine snooze fest for me. He has been 6 out of 6 for standing pretty much in one spot every week, mostly playing his guitar, grin like an idiot and sung in like a four note range. Seriously. This week, I even thought he got swallowed up by the background singers on the verses. Casey is just never memorable to me. Sorry.

05. Katie Stevens
Chain Of Fools
For five long years, I thought you were my man.. Ok. So since you were 12? Haha. Frankly, I actually could have enjoyed her performance if there weren’t way better performances of that song done on Idol. Sure, it was vocally great and probably her strongest to vocal performance to date but it was just too polished that it already lost its soul. To me, she came across as a teenager trying to be sultry but fell short and became too silly to take seriously. And yes, let's confuse the girl some more! Geez. Shouldn't they let her decide what genre she wants?

04. Michael Lynche
Ready For Love
Look, he's back with his ukulele. Haha. Kidding aside, Big Mike surely had one beautiful moment this week. I thought that his voice was pitch perfect and the phrasing just oozed natural ability. And just when I thought he'll bring back the Velveeta this week, he went on and performed with such vocal control and restraint. I thought he nailed it! The subtelty in his delivery was very good. Thank you Big Mike for sitting down and singing the song instead of gesturing it!

03. Crystal Bowersox
Midnight Train To Georgia
So, not only was Crystal beaten tonight - in my opinion - but she was beaten by two contestants! Now, that’s not saying that her performance wasn’t fantastic. It clearly was! Crystal was just less comfortable and seemed more cautious tonight than she has been with her guitar. That said, I really loved this performance. Aside from her impeccable vocal control, I appreciated the fact that she took a major risk bu playing a different instrument and proved that she could really stretch and be versatile. Now, the only thing keeping me from being a dedicated Crystal fan is Simon. Haha.

02. Andrew Garcia
WELCOME BACK GARCIA! Where have you been? Haha. This was, without a doubt, his best performance EVER! Seriously. The look. The feel. The sound. Everything clicked in Andrew's favor. I mean, the song choice was crazy cool and what he did with it was genius. Vocally, there were some nice moments, although for the most part he was singing in a weaker part of his range. The bridge really made the whole performance amazing and if the rest of the song was that powerful than I would have been blown away.

01. Lee Dewyze
Treat Her Like A Lady
Why does Lee look the same every week? Haha. Well, Lee kicked some major a*s tonight! To me, this was, by far, the best performance of the night and one of the best of the season. Finally! This performance turned him into a legitimate contender. Vocally, the intensity and passion was palpable and it was probably the best he'd ever sounded. It was almost surprisingly pitch perfect. I can now see the Top 2 potential. Good Job!


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