Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Music: Summer Rain - Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison, Glee's Will Schuester, just released his debut single, Summer Rain, on Ryan Seacrest's show a couple of hours ago!

It's common knowledge that I do love myself some Glee (duh!), but I'm seriously not into this song. While I do think that this is slightly better than Mark Salling's (Puck) debut single, Summer Rain is lyrically boring. His voice isn't distinct either to even pull off a ditty of this genre - something a la Jason Mraz! Really? Plus, is it just me or he did sound way off in some parts? Stick with the standards Matt!



Smarla said...

hahaha natawa naman ako sa album cover, show off the abs!

Robbie said...

I;m not a fan of Morrisson pero.... shutangina! Nagulat ako sa abs! At ang chesalu! Grabe.... punta muna ako sa CR.


katuray said...

abt the song.. well, some key changes were awkwardly placed you'd think he was off-key in some parts.. but hey, at least 'di siya nag-RAP. flopsina ang single na ito.. dama ko. ;)

but who cares abt the song kung ganyan naman ang putahe! kahit "bakya mo neneng" ang kantahin nya, keri na. dahil in fairness, yumminesse nga siya. sarap ulamin! at ang chestpain... shave kung shave! pero patok! pengeng kanin! ;)


Smarla: Haha. I made the cover, because I thought it's just right for a song entitled Summer Rain! Haha. Beach!! LOL


Robbie and katuray: You're both hysterical. Although I didn't understand some of the words you both were using, the words are hilarious. Haha.

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